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WTKA Roundtable 5/12/2022: Put That Beer Under Your Coats!

May 12, 2022

Things discussed:

  • Some people on this podcast have never seen Brady Bunch, or Seinfeld, or both!
  • Long NIL discussion: The NCAA is in "We gotta do something" mode but have no ability to actually do something.
  • They can't do anything because they're hamstrung by their own legal arguments that deny them a way to have players sign contracts, and hamstrung by their enforcement mechanism which is the schools investigate their own.
  • How do you even define "inducements"? What if Michigan gives every player a Corvette because this is the school where the people who engineer American automobiles go and that's a good marketing strategy for the Big Three?
  • Craig: The NCAA's stance here is "Please hide your beers or we'll tell you to hide your beers!"
  • What's the college model? Brian: the D3 level is still that model. Seth: Even that is still an exchange of goods (degree) for services. Why draw lines in the first place?
  • There are needs for control. Capping salaries at different levels for competitive balance. Having players sign contracts so they can't be poached, because that's not going to stop.
  • Caleb Houstan: Why did he pull out of the combine? Who's offering to draft him on workouts? Or is something else going on?

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