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WTKA Roundtable 5/2/2019: We Didn’t Want Him Anyway

May 3, 2019

Things discussed:

  • Lester Quinones: Visit canceled by Michigan because of "structural problems."
  • Justin Pierce: Maybe wasn't the best fit since he's a three not a two.
  • Cumberland: Familiar to Saddi from when Michigan recruited him.
  • Bajema probably needs a year or so to grow
  • All in on Bones, but Kansas now involved, prep school because tragedy set him back academically
  • Can Eli Brooks play? Stats defend his defense, Beilein defends his defense perhaps too much.
  • Livers-X-Teske ppp = Matthews-X-Teske ppp, so Livers is probably really good.
  • There was a point last year that Eli's coaches had to tell him "shoot the basketball!"
  • DeJulius: Sam wanted him on the court early so he'd pass Brooks; Beilein saw something to not do that.
  • Abdur-Rahim: Don't have to worry about bag because dad, serious academic kid but family connection to UGA
  • Iggy: 5% chance of returning? Left the door open but it's unlikely
  • Trial 2 for NCAA payments: Dawkins telling them how it really works: money is often redirected from the players
  • Long discussion of how this will unfold