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WTKA Roundtable 8/4/2022: An End to Sweatpants

August 4, 2022

Things discussed:

  • Mel/Wilmer Hale report: Why haven't they fired him already? Craig: report says to investigate more. Brian/Seth: the time for that was done over a month ago.
  • Football camp: we're looking at the linebackers, outside and inside and hybrid and nickel. Need to see an edge who can pass rush; interested what happens with McGregor. ILBs have to get over being young at a very hard position, NHG came along last year, when they let Josh Ross make the decisions and whichever kid followed. Depth is a real issue. Sainristil: hard to take it seriously when other nickel candidates—Moore/McBurrows/Berry—weren't available.

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