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WTKA Roundtable: The First Show

WTKA Roundtable: The First Show

August 30, 2019

Things discussed:

  • Buying: Jalen Mayfield. Not buying: nice things said about the secondary.
  • Craig: coaches are oddly upbeat.
  • Pressuring Sam to talk about Runyan, he says if you've got a guy you feel confident in you can sit a veteran with a ding, with Steuber out you just go ahead and play him.
  • Sam: Buying Brad Hawkins's coverage ability because the players are saying it. Specifically he's saying it's an improvement from Kinnel in coverage.
  • That'll be good because the more you can play man behind the LBs, the more you can send them.
  • Lavert won't get targeted, we'll see how Gray goes.
  • The Mayfield/Stueber battle when it was frozen in time.
  • MTSU: 260-pound defensive tackles, 6'2" offensive tackles, no QB, Scott Shafer and his blitzball LBs. 
  • Brian can't imagine a world without a fullback. Please give us a 3rd and 1 with the Bens in the backfield.
  • RPOs and you. No such thing as a decoy route in this offense.
  • Around the country: Herbert.
MGoPodcast 11.0.c: In 2064 Big Ten, QB Leaves You

MGoPodcast 11.0.c: In 2064 Big Ten, QB Leaves You

August 25, 2019

Part III of our season preview espectaculo. Previously: The Offense Preview, The Defense Preview

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1. The Schedule

(starts at 1:00)

Seth fights to talk about MTSU's slot bug. Why are we playing Army? They go for it on every 4th down. Jonathan vs Michigan's DT situation doesn't sound great right now. Hornibrook transferred to FSU? The next wave of LBs weren't as eye-popping as the last ones. Cephus is back. Rutgers: everyone guess the winning margin. Iowa has an Epenesa, but DTs? Receivers? Illinois is a sadder version of Rich Rod-era Michigan. Rumor is Fox saved us from a night game at Penn State. Their QB bailed, they've got a Speedy Eaglet.

ND: Kelly is more comfortable with Ian Book, going through an OL and LB transition, let's not talk about their DEs, Seth wants to talk about their Navy safety. Maryland should be not competitive—Anthony McFarland and co. can move. We're skeptical of Locksley. Michigan State has a defense, probably not that many more than 95 yards; Cody White ain't Felton Davis. IU got rid of DeBord, replaced with DeBoer, Tom Allen's team is no longer fun, just hateful and trending bad.

2. Big Ten West Preview

(starts at 54:25)

Bring the jug to Indy!

3. Big Ten East Preview

(starts at 1:07:14)

Big two, little bit Penn State.

4. Gimmicky Top Five: Specific Predictions for 2019

(starts at 1:15:15)

I've made a huge mistake dot gif.


  • "Give Me Everything (Tonight)"—Pitbull ft. Neyo, Nayer& Afrojack
  • "Get It Started"—Pitbull ft. Shakira
  • "Greenlight"—Pitbull ft. Flo Rida, LunchMoney Lewis
  • “Across 110th Street”


All of us thought it, and none of us meant to, and Ace went and did it anyway.

WTKA Roundtable: Nico Collins Needs the Ball

WTKA Roundtable: Nico Collins Needs the Ball

August 23, 2019

Things discussed:

  • Woodson has Craig’s back on predicting Michigan to win the Big Ten Championship
  • Ed thinks Army is the luckiest team and overrated. Craig is fearful.
  • Sam: Indiana is the trap game between MSU and OSU.
  • Ricky Rahne is kind of a mug, were still running the Moorhead plays without the Moorhead context.
  • Wisconsin’s Quintez Cephus acquitted, reinstated, took it all the way to the jury. Not a situation like at MSU—this seems like an honest acquittal of an innocent guy, but NCAA has to clear him for the missed classes.
  • Talking 3-3-5s.
  • Mike Danna reminds of us Shantee Orr, the little ball of hate from the early 2000s
  • They don’t have enough corners
  • Ambry: Sam’s personal guess is it’s not until the Wisconsin game, but he looks like he’s got his weight back.
  • Shea: In the conversation to be a guy in New York watching them give the Heisman to Tua or Trevor Lawrence.
  • Ronnie Bell is the talk.
  • Nico Collins needs more targets. Just 50?
  • Ed: Texas is way overrated. Auburn belongs in the conversation. Oregon game is interesting. Washington has an easy schedule. Utah has a good defensive line.
MGoPodcast 11.0.b: Literally Screams

MGoPodcast 11.0.b: Literally Screams

August 21, 2019

I have opinions Brian. About football. You should stop doing that.

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This show is presented by The UGP & The Bo Store, and if it wasn’t for Rishi and Ryan, instead of 11 years of MGoPodcasts this would be entirely about salsa takes.

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1. Defensive Line

(starts at 1:00)

She's been comin' round the mountain. We all have different defensive ends. Danna is a super-Roh—gets very low and MAC types can't handle him. Doesn't make mistakes. Kwity Paye is Don Brown's perfect human, but we need to see some pass rush before we declare him so. Ace is all about Aidan Hutchinson. Vilain, Upshaw (who's 240) and Welschof and Ojabo are all in the future.

Tackle…maybe not terrible? They need to get pass rush; Dwumfour is important and it appears he's got a soft cast on his hand so the injury holding him out currently isn't related to the injury last year. They're talking up Kemp as a guy who can hack it at nose but he's not going to be more than an undersized plugger. Jeter hype means that guy should be useful at least. Hard not to improve on a Kemp/Mone pass rush. More about not getting gashed in the run game; short version is they will.

Now can we talk about Uche? What does Michigan need to go to a 3-3-5? The way the stack works is you're not supposed to know where it's coming from.

2. Linebackers and Hybrids

(starts at 18:57)

More Uche—they're going to get to 3rd downs for him—what can he do on 1st and 2nd? We're going to like Josh Ross just fine. Gil is an okay floor, we'd like McGrone, then Anthony, to pop. It sounds like it's Anthony and Glasgow as the primary challengers, with McGrone maybe one more year away. Need LBs who can keep up with running backs, maybe use a different one each week.

3. Cornerbacks and Safeties

(starts at 34:47)

So that's a bummer. We're taking the pessimistic road with Ambry but the optimistic road with Gray, because last year didn't happen until the very end and not many teams can do that to us. Daxton Hill is going to need some time to develop. At least they're saying the right things about DJ Turner. And okay, we'll buy Brad Hawkins. After those guys…euhhhh. Lamenting the 2018 class (and honorary 2018 Ben St-Juste).

4. Special Teams & Defense: Holistically

(starts at 51:01)

Moody is hitting those long ones now so it's him to start, but let's not forget Wild Thing is great and college kickers are weird. Will Hart outta nowhere. Not going to be a great but we're still top 25 and that should be enough. Seth thinks Don Brown has more interesting stuff to do.


  • "DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love"—Usher ft. Pitbull
  • "Don't Stop The Party"—Pitbull ft. TJR
  • "Feel This Moment"—Pitbull ft. Christina Aguilera
  • “Across 110th Street”


MGoPodcast 11.0.a: Call Him O’Doul McShanty

MGoPodcast 11.0.a: Call Him O’Doul McShanty

August 19, 2019

Are there wolves? Are there demons? I don't know but here we go!

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This show is presented by The UGP & The Bo Store, and if it wasn’t for Rishi and Ryan, instead of 11 years of MGoPodcasts this would be entirely about salsa takes.

Our other sponsors are also key to all of this: The Residence Inn Ann Arbor Downtown, The HomeSure Lending, The University of Michigan Alumni Association, The Ann Arbor Elder Law, The Michigan Law Grad, The Human Element , The Phil Klein Insurance Group, The Peak Wealth Management, The Fuegobox, and introducing The Randy Wise Chevrolet, and The Perrin Brewing.



1. The Quarterbacks & Running Backs

(starts at 1:00)

Shea is elite at finding a guy when running around, and elite at keeping the ball in his back's basket until a linebacker has to commit to that. Real quarterback competition? This guy is gonna play is about how good McCaffrey is, and what if Patterson gets hurt.

The running backs: are you worried more about starting a walk-on, or the fact that Charbonnet was ranked so highly, because we're totally the other thing. Brian doesn't know Anthony Thomas is A-Train. Christian Turner is compared to Clarence Williams, whom I remember as C-Will but if A-Train provokes a response I'm not doing a –Will name.

2. Receivers & Tight Ends

(starts at 27:25)

Not hearing enough about DPJ for our ears, different takes as to what that means. Nico is awesome: same take as to what that means: THROW IT UP THERE! Ditto Black and DPJ. If safeties are up Michigan should go deep. Ronnie Bell is a hit and it sounds like Cornelius Johnson is one too. The slots have arrived, they are fun, they are freshmen, and two of them will play lots immediately.

Positive about Sean McKeon despite a rough year when he was learning a new offense on the fly and a great year when he locked on. Needs to make more use of his speed—2017 he was a crossing route maven. Eubanks is a weapon that we want to see used more often. Decent or bad blocker depending on your starting point. Erik All can catch, we're still asking him to be a Funchessian receiver instead of a Funchessian tight end, but that depends on what they have in Schoonmaker and Muhammad.

3. Offensive Line

(starts at 55:40)

How good does it feel? Best OL in the conference? The interior is elite and huge. Runyan…wow, still an NFL guard at tackle, but an NFL guard—take it! Mayfield is at the start of a jumping off point—so athletic. Backups are viable, even with Stueber's injury. Might see a couple of the kids.

4. Offense: Holistically

(starts at 1:16:36)

Best since Denard (yes we know it's 2010). Remember when they put Denard under center for the Crimes Against Manpanda? RPOs! Modern football! Not being the slowest team in the country! Running game and passing game that actually play off each other! Running the same offense all year! Comps to 2000, Mad Magicians, Point-a-Minute, various top ten offenses.


  • "Vida 23 (Let's Have a Real Good Time)"—Pitbull ft. Faye
  • "Timber"—Pitbull ft. Kesha
  • "International Love"—Pitbull & Chris Brown
  • “Across 110th Street”


WTKA Roundtable 8/15/2019: Operaman

WTKA Roundtable 8/15/2019: Operaman

August 16, 2019

Things discussed:

  • Concern about quarterback? No.
  • Tempo: nice to have the option.
  • Not happy with Nua's talk about Dwumfour—if this is the same injury that bothered him since Maryland…
  • If Uche is getting sacks at that rate you gotta get him on your field. Problem is you're not going 3-3-5.
  • Paye didn't bring a lot of pass rush.
  • Fickell's mad that Harbaugh won't make up a story to get his guy eligible?
  • Sam doesn't block people.
  • MSU: best DL in the country, putrid OL.
  • Sam on Michigan: not sold on the defense yet, thinks offense is solid.
  • Safety position scares him but they're bullish on Brad Hawkins.
  • Shifted fear to cornerback—JKP is not going to be David Long.
  • Nervous about Wisconsin? That game was closer with adequate coaching from UW.
  • Did OSU's linebackers get good last year or did Michigan not put them in conflict?
  • Brian very sad about guys on Iowa who should be at Michigan.
The Teams: 1925

The Teams: 1925

August 14, 2019

Michigan historian Dr. Sap and I have started a new podcast on the lore of Michigan football. For this one we invited in author and 3,000-year-old Druid Craig Ross, who wrote about this team in HTTV 2015. We also did a segment with Bennie Oosterbaan's godson, Bennie McCready.

Previously: 19801999190119641976


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(starts at 1:00)

We introduce this team by talking to Bennie McCready, whose mom grew up next door to the Oosterbaans and grew up immersed in the lore of the team Fielding Yost called his best.


(starts at 16:42)

Meet single-wing football, when players played both ways, when the rivals were Minnesota and Chicago, when Michigan's 47,000-seat stadium wasn't half of what they could fill, what with boom town Detroit churning out cars and the middle class fans who could drive them to a game. Meanwhile most of the country was lucky to draw 10,000. The history of forward passes, and the rules and ball shape that governed it. Yost's fallout with Notre Dame legend Knute Rockne over a 1923 track meet, and Yost's incredible building projects: recently completed Yost Field House, and his new dream, Michigan Stadium. We also get into Fielding Yost's first retirement in 1924, what happened with George Little and Benny Friedman, and why Yost came back with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.


(starts at 55:19)

Single-Wing football, playing both ways (click for big):


Michigan's a spread team (after one year under a Brady Hoke offense) that's running what we call "Bash" today which Yost invented back in 1909 and called "Old 83".


We'll get to Benny and Bennie last because there are some more dudes to get to. Center/MLB Bob Brown was thick-built and tough as hell. RG/Nose Tom Edwards was their "big" lineman at 5'11"/180 but was a stalwart in the middle of the line. RT/SDE Harry Hawkins is probably the next-best player after the Bens, the guy at the point of attack on most plays. Great backfield that's very scat-backlike. FB/SAM Bo Molenda is a natural runner. TB/CB Louis Gilbert is the running back-ish scatback, WB/CB Bruce Gregory the H-receiver-ish scatback. TE/WDE William Flora was a great blocker and really big for his era. And then you have Oosterbaan, a freak athlete who wouldn't be out of place on any team today.

And a lot of Friedman, the game's first passing quarterback, and a good pick for greatest football player in the history of the game. He was the Babe Ruth of football, except instead of home runs he was transforming offense (and was a vastly underrated defensive player early in his career). Look at his motion:

…now think about how guys back then often threw the ball end over end.


(starts at 1:29:02)

Start with a MAC cupcake. Really realize they're good against Indiana, who thought they were going to have a great season. Wisconsin versus former HC George Little is billed as the best game in the country that year: Benny scores on the second play from scrimmage, Wisconsin decides to kick off (you can still do this) and Friedman returns that for a TD.

004 Benny_Friedman_touchdown_vs._Wisconsin_(1925)

Friedman's kickoff return [UM Bentley Library]

Illinois game is payback against #77, Red Grange, and Michigan shuts him down, thanks Old 83, Benny Friedman's defense, and Michigan going to a "Diamond" defense that uses Benny as a box safety still responsible for deep balls (we forgot to mention this but this defense ultimately inspired the 46 Bear defense).

005 BennyFriedman vs Illini

Benny vs Illinois [Bentley]

Defenestration of Navy proves the East's football isn't actually that good—Michigan's players are just faster. And then there's the BS: Northwestern should cancel for weather but instead takes the opportunity to play in five-foot-deep mud and cold and wind because it's the only way they ever beat Michigan. The 3 points Northwestern got from a turnover on M's three are the only scores on Michigan all year, and Michigan's 2 points from Northwestern's safety got the rule changed because back then if you took a safety you got the ball on your own 30 with a fresh set of downs, and run out the clock. Two rules (safeties and weather cancellations) are changed because of it. Ohio State is a stiffer test of football, shutting down the passing game but still losing 10-0. Big Minnesota rivalry game proves we need a Big House as half of the people who showed up were turned away.


(starts at 2:23:23)

Yost gives out Big Ten Champions charms and Northwestern's captain writes to Michigan to disavow any claim to a tie to the championship. Northwestern fans riot, burn down a fraternity house, cut the firemen's firehoses, beat up the cops, then try to burn down their stadium. Benny Friedman goes on to prove the NFL is better than college (this was under debate) but has a sad later life. The Washington-Alabama Rose Bowl that puts Southern football on the map. Yost's legacy, and a little discussion on whether he was racist.

001 bhl_bl006495_5678_2690_full_0

The 1925 team in front of Ferry Field [UM Bentley Library]


  • "Yes, Sir! That's My Baby"—Lee Morse
  • "Sweet Georgia Brown"—Ben Bernie
  • "Hot Feet"—Wendell Hall
  • "Lady Be Good"—Fred Astaire
  • "Muskrat Ramble"—Louis Armstrong
  • “Across 110th Street”
WTKA Roundtable 8/8/2019: A Night Without Stars

WTKA Roundtable 8/8/2019: A Night Without Stars

August 9, 2019

Things discussed:

  • Chinese revolutionary poetry for Noah Webb
  • Don Brown: Going to have more in the toolbag next year
  • Ten deep on the DL? Carlo Kemp major leap would change the profile of the defense. Concern is last year Kemp had no pass rush, Dwumfour had no run defense
  • LBs: McGrone is the guy you want to break through. Hard to judge the MLBs because Bush played almost all snaps last year.
  • Mike Sainristil complicates our hype for Giles Jackson
  • Rankings are important but if you pay enough attention you can tell which guys will defy those rankings.
  • Freshmen: Turner had good offers not good rankings, came in at 180 and would be great if he can play. Solomon was a late flip from Miami (YTM) who's apprenticing at Viper.
  • Michael Barrett is back to viper, and playing some kick returner
  • Coach quotes: It's Gattis's offense. You can tell because there's no fullback. Give Shea more reads. Brown is going to solve his problems with aggression.
  • 38 minutes: Really bad for 19 minutes against ND and OSU.
  • MSU: Drying up. Getting killed in-state because of Blackwell, killed in Ohio with Kentucky and Cincy. They've been a statistical .500 team going back to 2016.
  • Brian on OSU: long-term, thinks Day is a mistake. All their marbles are on Fields.
  • Gattis: deepest position is running back? Haskins having a good camp, but that's a pump-up.
WTKA Roundtable 8/1/2019: Don’t Get Me Started

WTKA Roundtable 8/1/2019: Don’t Get Me Started

August 2, 2019

Things discussed:

  • Ayden Owens: USC transfer is #16 in decathlon rankings. One of the best athletes in the world is now at Michigan. Michigan's new indoor track has banked corners on hydraulics.
  • Football camp opens: two helmets & shorts, then two helmets and shoulderpads, Tuesday is full pads.
  • Sean McKeon and the tight end depth chart. Finally hearing nice things about Muhammad
  • Fullback doesn't exist. They count as backs now.
  • Spread H is going to get five carries a game. Sainristil or Giles Jackson?
  • NOW can we have some RPOs?
  • Right tackle battle: tie goes to Mayfield. Starting as a tie. Warinner thinks this is a great OL. Depth exists! When was the last time we had OL depth?
  • Running back: Tru can go the distance because blocking is a big deal. Jay: Turner the fastest guy they've had in Harbaugh era. Charbonnet a ball of potential.
  • Defensive tackle: Dwumfour could be our dude if he can defend the run. Kwity as a DT?
  • Uncomfortable with the secondary: Vincent Gray is #2 until Ambry is well again. More Cover 2 this year.
  • Jordan Glasgow will get some time at WLB.
  • How to read practice reports.
The Teams: 1976

The Teams: 1976

July 29, 2019

Michigan historian Dr. Sap and I have started a new podcast on the lore of Michigan football. And this time we were extraordinarily lucky to have as our guests the defensive captain of the 1976 Wolverines, Calvin O’Neal, and Bo Schembechler’s right hand man and greatest offensive line coach in football history (@ me!) Jerry Hanlon.

Previously: 1980, 1999, 1901, 1964


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(starts at 1:00)

Seth & Sap set the stage for the Most Bo season of the Bo era. Lots of running, and a loss on natural grass to a future Big Ten West team. Nationally: Pitt had Tony Dorsett, USC, Alabama, and Ohio State were the other contenders. Oklahoma and Texas were great teams too.


(starts at 11:22)

Preseason #1 to some. Bring back most of the offense, and a fair bit of the defense too, though there’s concern on the defensive line. Bo has open heart surgery in the spring. Coming off the disappointment of 1975. Run through the roster. Story of Mike Kenn: had to wait most of a week after signing day for his LOI because he was 6’6"/205—tried to make him a tight end but according to Hanlon: “It was like throwing the ball against that wall.” Story of O’Neal’s recruitment: Moeller worked him out of heading to MSU, MSU showed up with a limo.


(starts at 48:19)

We go through every game, from the one that Calvin O’Neal got an interception on to the many, many, many games when he did not. Sap plays us some clips from inside the locker room at halftime of the Wake Forest game. Bo gets hollered at for running up the score by putting 70 on the President’s Navy when the President visited. Fake punt takes the air out of MSU.


(starts at 1:34:06)

What happened against Purdue? What happened to Illinois when they came for senior day after that? What happened to all the record books after that game, and what was the record for passing touchdowns in a season before? Which Michigan player told Jerry Hanlon he guaranteed not just a win but a shoutout over Ohio State? Which quarterback did they have in Columbus anyway? Who took Ufer’s horn?


(starts at 2:09:21)

The players are all given hideous blue jerseys to go on the Tonight Show. Also hideous injuries during that game. Hanlon wonders what they could have done to better prepare their teams for those Rose Bowls, because they never had a good performance—Sap suggests it was getting an indoor facility so they could, you know, practice before the bowl games. We talk about where this team fits in the pantheon of teams, MVPs, most overlooked players, and how the players felt when the maize (not yellow) pants came back.


  • "The Rubberband Man"—The Spinners
  • "The Boys Are Back in Town"—Thin Lizzy
  • "Tie Your Mother Down"—Queen
  • “Something He Can Feel”—Aretha Franklin
  • “Across 110th Street”