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WTKA Roundtable 5/9/2019: Maybe It Smells Good

WTKA Roundtable 5/9/2019: Maybe It Smells Good

May 10, 2019

Note: I did my best to remove the buzzing. –seth

Things discussed:

  • The South Africa trip: given the structure we're in, it's a good thing Michigan is doing, for the players and for Michigan.
  • Roster review: Not appreciating Nico Collins enough.
  • Defensive tackle definitely the biggest concern. Think Dax can handle Rover.
  • Indiana and Ohio State abused Michigan's third corner and that was true. Now with two fewer corners everyone's going to be going after us there.
  • College basketball trial: A couple of more convictions. Dawkins is contending they weren't bribing AAU coaches because you want to pay the players.
  • Craig Ross recalls the Jai Eugene recruitment: told Fred Jackson they were gonna take care of his baby, mom got a house, dad got out of jail…Jackson says "Okay kid, go to LSU."
  • Coaches know but don't tell. Lloyd knew, Bo knew—you don't talk because it will just hurt your program. Remember the top-100 guy who was crying because if he couldn't sign with Bama he would be out life-changing money.
  • Dawkins types offer to "help" with the recruitment of kids in return for coach steering kid to agent.
  • Easiest fix: give them image rights and let them sign with NCAA-approved agents.
  • NCAA has on multiple occasions (Crawford/McGary) has taken away a kid's education for no reason.
  • Franz Wagner: assume Michigan lands him, what is he? A 6'7" version of Poole. Sam says he makes plays for others too.
WTKA Roundtable 5/2/2019: We Didn’t Want Him Anyway

WTKA Roundtable 5/2/2019: We Didn’t Want Him Anyway

May 3, 2019

Things discussed:

  • Lester Quinones: Visit canceled by Michigan because of "structural problems."
  • Justin Pierce: Maybe wasn't the best fit since he's a three not a two.
  • Cumberland: Familiar to Saddi from when Michigan recruited him.
  • Bajema probably needs a year or so to grow
  • All in on Bones, but Kansas now involved, prep school because tragedy set him back academically
  • Can Eli Brooks play? Stats defend his defense, Beilein defends his defense perhaps too much.
  • Livers-X-Teske ppp = Matthews-X-Teske ppp, so Livers is probably really good.
  • There was a point last year that Eli's coaches had to tell him "shoot the basketball!"
  • DeJulius: Sam wanted him on the court early so he'd pass Brooks; Beilein saw something to not do that.
  • Abdur-Rahim: Don't have to worry about bag because dad, serious academic kid but family connection to UGA
  • Iggy: 5% chance of returning? Left the door open but it's unlikely
  • Trial 2 for NCAA payments: Dawkins telling them how it really works: money is often redirected from the players
  • Long discussion of how this will unfold
WTKA Roundtable 4/26/2019: Don’t Eat Basketball Recruits

WTKA Roundtable 4/26/2019: Don’t Eat Basketball Recruits

April 26, 2019

Things discussed:

  • In Soviet Russia Poole Pays You
  • Excess possessions created (the Mitch McGary stat)
  • German expressions: Shoot the glass
  • Poole: No need to burn bridges on your way out, man. Just say you want to go, because when your three point percentage since January is the same as Teske’s you can’t complain about Teske’s three point percentage ruining your spacing.
  • Difficult to respond to this because so many awful fans are dogging him.
  • Craig tells a Hee Haw joke.
  • Crootin the next guys: Pierce, Bones, and John Beilein is in Germany.
  • Pearce: visiting UNC now; Tar Heels think he’s a backup at the 3 and 4. Michigan feels like they moved past Notre Dame last weekend.
  • Wagner: his team’s recent playoff loss might have hurt his competition level next year.
  • Iggy: Door is open a sight crack based on how the draft goes. Lines up with Franz’s timeline.
  • Michigan’s got two spots right now—Brooks isn’t leaving if he’s the starter at the two.
  • Lester Quinones or Nah'shon "Bones" Hyland? Michigan’s going after guys who they think can play. Michigan thinks Hyland’s a better fit than Quinones, who’s a better player perhaps but also seems to be interested in bag. Hyland is a seriously tough guy.
  • NFL Draft: Winovich one of the lowest downside guys of the draft, not just a try-hard. Guessed the Lions would take their tight end, even if Oliver is around.
  • We can’t fathom how Daniel Jones is a 1st rounder. Kyler Murray?
  • Devin Bush > Jarrod Davis > Devin White
WTKA Roundtable 4/18/2019: It’s Sinking In

WTKA Roundtable 4/18/2019: It’s Sinking In

April 18, 2019

Things discussed:

  • Frank Sinatra still owes Craig a check.
  • Gattis really is in charge of the offense. Reminds Brian of Scott Frost's UCF offense in 2016.
  • Defensive starters performed how they were described, but backup receivers were toasting the secondary's non-stars, plus Metellus
  • Harbaugh was direct about Dax Hill: he's going to play early.
  • Kelly-Powell wants to play corner.
  • Brian: Michigan needs that—the way they played their safeties forces the MLB to stay in coverage, takes away their best blitzes.
  • DL: need to find pass rush. Hoping Danna can transition his production to Big Ten level.
  • Right tackle battle: Stueber is consistent, Mayfield has flashes of stardom, slight edge to the elder but Michigan's going to be good either way.
  • Can't remember the last time we were okay with backup OL coming on the field.
  • Poole/Iggy: G-League vs. College—NCAA is a bigger stage, G-League you can focus on your development.
  • Brazdeikis could maybe come back; Poole made it clear he's not going to under any circumstance.
  • Franz: timing works out because we'll know about Iggy.
  • BONES: Kind of a PG, kind of a MAAR, kinda the #1 target now.
  • Also looking at Justin Pierce, the grad transfer.
MGoPodcast 10.29: Jim Get Coffee

MGoPodcast 10.29: Jim Get Coffee

April 14, 2019

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1. Speed In Space

starts at 1:00

Too much open practice? We've got families, Jim. The offensive line feels…good? We would take either right tackle—Jalen Mayfield killed a guy. This might be on our DL as well. Sainristil! Also might be on the D. But Black! That's almost certainly on the D. But Gattis and tempo and guys in space…this is real people.

2. Don Brown's Guys

starts at 35:56

Josh Metellus should move to free safety to make way for a hundred Daxton Hills. Backup cornerback is now on the list of concerns. Kemp can't hold up to Cesar Ruiz; maybe that's a Ruiz thing? Sad seeing McGrone on the next year team—had high hopes this year. Stock up: Aidan Hutchinson. Jeter looks fine. Hill and Ambry can't come off the field, unless they find more Dax Hills.

3. Iggy and Poole to the NBA

starts at 1:05:10

Well that sucks. What kind of NBA takes these guys and not Cassius Winston? What does Michigan do now? Can Mo Wagner pay his brother? Can he pay Lester Quinones?

4. Gimmicky Top Five Signs We'd Fly

Starts at 1:27:24

We went for douchey—like in our Twitter mentions for ideas for this douchey. Probably should have done cards.

  • "God, Help Me"—Leah Blevins
  • "Lisztomania"—Phoenix
  • "The Christmas Hippo Song"—Gayla Peevey
  • “Across 110th Street”
WTKA Roundtable 4/11/2019: Mindset Matters

WTKA Roundtable 4/11/2019: Mindset Matters

April 12, 2019

Things discussed:

  • Chalky tournament ends on chalk, with a lot of UVA luck—how do you allow a three at that moment?
  • Ty Jerome or Jarret Culver?
  • Remedies for the dumb review rule
  • Craig calls Ed "Tom Izzo" for being contrarian about that rule
  • Other rule changes: when is the last time they called a three-second violation?
  • Don in Ann Arbor: development vs. NBA?
  • Iggy—would his draft stock improve if he stuck around? When talking about second rounders or late first round, NBA teams feel like they can develop players the younger they are.
  • Charles: not invited to the combine last year, but there's no reason to come back unless he wants to get a Master's.
  • Iggy: Should have come in a year earlier. All the fan arguments come down to we don't want them to leave.
  • Poole: Guys want to get paid for their development, focus on basketball. Poole is taking a step-back three with his career.
  • Tempering expectations on the freshmen—nobody 's going to be as close to a finished product as Iggy was.
  • How do you finish out the class: Franz Wagner is still an option, would be the equivalent of a five-star, getting straight-up lied to by his Euro team.
  • Sam: Wagner has a very high basketball IQ.
The Teams: 1964

The Teams: 1964

April 8, 2019

We're going to have to throw out a parental advisory because there's no way to quote Jim Conley without f-bombing U.S. 23 from one end to the other.

Michigan historian Dr. Sap and I have started a new podcast on the lore of Michigan football. For this one we got two members of the '64 team, starting defensive tackle John Yanz, and backup receiver Tom Parkhill.

Previously: 1980, 1999, 1901

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1. The Setup

(starts at 1:00)

The world of college football in 1964. 1962 was so bad they needed a banner to feel better. 1963 was better but didn't look like it. And then everything came together while the greater college football world was turning the game into a battleground for the Civil Rights Movement.

2. Where Did They Come From, wsg John Yanz

(starts at 19:14)

We talk to starting defensive tackle John Yanz about who these guys were. The first truly platooned Michigan team (where the defense didn't even learn the offense's plays). They came from Ohio and Chicago, mostly—recruits who signed on for Bump Elliott's rebuild of the flagging Oosterbaan program. Also a discussion on TV money, the NFL, and the Civil Rights Movement, and how these factors were all changing the college football landscape.



Here's the Daily article Yanz mentioned.

3. The Games, wsg Tom Parkhill

starts at 1:11:55

Parky was a deep bench offensive end (wide receiver) who got to sit in the booth with Bob Ufer for a game. A third of the team was from Ohio, including the entire starting backfield. Season begins by losing their best player, Jack Clancy, who's the oddball 1,000-yard receiver 40 years before Braylon in this chart:


The games:

  • Air Force (W, 24-7): Jim Detwiler finds out he's starting the morning of the game, breakout star.
  • Navy (W, 21-0): Shut down reigning Heisman winner Roger Staubach and the best backfield in the country
  • Michigan State (W, 17-10): State, the "Underground Railroad" team, just lost in the first integrated game in the South, beat #2 USC. Michigan down 10-3 with 7 minutes left. Then Michigan got funky.
  • Purdue (L, 21-20): Bump would go for two again but his great regret is he asked Timberlake to muscle his way for a two-point conversion after a 54-yard run. One inch short of perfection. Also Dave Fisher fumbles the ball (still claims he didn't, but he did), Break for some Conley stories. Michigan doubled up Purdue in yards but three turnovers, missed XP: fluke.
  • Minnesota (W, 19-12): Homecoming, Jug hadn't been home for five years. Big goal line stand ends with an amazing Yearby stop.
  • Northwestern (W, 35-0): You can't pass against Rick Volk.
  • Illinois (W, 21-6): Literally little brother! Bump's younger brother Pete did what 1964 Michigan did with Illinois in 1963, and brought the literal Dick Butkus. Also the first team to use helmet decals. Conley and Butkus have a Woodson-Boston moment.
  • Iowa (W, 34-20): Gary Snook.
  • Ohio State (W, 10-0): Know your guys down to their molars. Motivational speech is right out of Bo's book. The Buckeye who muffed away the game wanted to go to Michigan but his dad was going to lose his job if he did.
  • Rose Bowl, Oregon State (W, 34-7): Oregon State's coach said it was the greatest team he's ever faced. The Beavers scored first, and the game was over. Tom Mack wrecked 'em. The third team had a troll of Oregon State planned but never got to run it(!!!)

End of the season: Alabama and Notre Dame claim fake national championships because they were undefeated until they lost their bowl games. Heisman went to ND's quarterback (who wasn't the least deserving Heisman ever). SEC fans think it should have gone to Namath even though the All-American first teamer was Timberlake and Huarte (the ND guy) was better that year. Our votes: Michigan is 2nd to Arkansas, Butkus is the Heisman.

4. Wrap, Superlatives

(starts at 2:25:52)

One inch from perfection: where do they fit in the great Michigan teams in history? MVPs of offense and defense. Bob Timberlake as the guy we want Dylan McCaffrey to become. Jim Conley/Jim Harbaugh throwdown.


  • "Where Did Our Love Go"—The Supremes
  • "I Don't Want to be a Loser"—Lesley Gore
  • "Little Old Lady from Pasadena"—Jan & Dean
  • “Across 110th Street”
WTKA Roundtable 4/4/2019: Ask Me How I Know That

WTKA Roundtable 4/4/2019: Ask Me How I Know That

April 4, 2019

Things discussed:

  • The Final Four: Virginia is the best team left and the luckiest. Texas Tech looks like the team says Brian/Sam. Auburn's playing hot enough that they belong with the others.
  • Carsen Edwards has gotta go to the NBA.
  • Worst coaching job by Coach K of his career.
  • Best coaching job by Izzo of his career, also the most fortuitous injury situation ever: They're better without Ward and Langford. Langford: good at bad shots guy, not better than McQuaid or Henry. Ward just can't be played right now even though he's a good player. Kithier had to play more minutes against Michigan. That wasn't a choice—that was what you've got to do in a modern game. Ward should transfer—or go get paid? Tillman should GO.
  • Duke had three losses with Zion Williamson, and RJ Barrett took 9 shots and made one of them, Williamson took one! Duke's not a great three team either.
  • Painter made the right call fouling up three: Virginia has 50% three-point shooters so put them on the line!
  • Sam: He meant to hit that basket.
  • Texas Tech vs MSU: Still think TTU
  • Michigan next year: Project of the summer is teaching Teske to post so we can beat these switches sometimes. Teske's never going to be a spot-up three shooter like Wagner—maybe get that from some of this year's freshman, or another Wagner?
MGoPodcast 10.28: Light Our Darkest Hour

MGoPodcast 10.28: Light Our Darkest Hour

March 31, 2019

It's a cartoon off the TV that was supposed to sell toys and they made a really great movie for no reason

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1. Texas Tech

starts at 1:00

What can we say other than three pointers need to go in? Texas Tech is a great team, Michigan was competitive other than that. In a world where things happen at their percentages, well, it's not the darkest timeline is it?

2. Michigan Basketball 2019-2020

starts at 22:03

Guessing it's just Matthews to replace—Iggy has a lower ceiling, Poole has a higher one but is an obvious "go back and develop in college" guy. Can they rebuild Matthews's lost defense with Livers offense? How do the freshmen grow? Is there another Wagner or two (literally and positionally) on the horizon?

3. Big Ten Basketball 2019-2020

starts at 1:04:50

Rutgers isn't the first, second, third, or fourth-worst team we can think of, and then we go back and add more. Bottom drops out for Northwestern, Year Zero for Big Ten Transfer City in Lincoln, Illinois will go where Dosunyu meeps, Penn State will have a dude but still need a second and a bench, Maryland is failing at one and done but building a program out of top 50 guys, Iowa would look great if they were not so Iowa, Wisconsin and Purdue who knows because they're replacing giant usages, Minnesota probably falls backwards, Ohio State and IU are wait and see on the five-stars they can get, and Michigan and Michigan State are probably the top two again.

4. Spring Football Bits, the Podcast

Starts at 1:52:37

Seth goes off the format right away because we're trying to get excited about this. Onwenu talk and tackles probably means something, quarterback depth means something, really wary of spring hype for the one nose tackle on the roster.

  • "Old Yellow Bricks"—Arctic Monkeys
  • "Backstreet's Back"—The Backstreet Boys
  • "One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces"—Ben Folds Five
  • “Across 110th Street”
WTKA Roundtable 3/28/2019: He’s Just Being Eeyore

WTKA Roundtable 3/28/2019: He’s Just Being Eeyore

March 29, 2019

Things discussed, Montana:

  • Over at the tip.
  • Pridget always looks like he's angry
  • Yaklich gave Poole a 0.28 which is good and means ???

Things discussed, Florida:

  • Michigan's defense shut them down; a 14-0 run was all it took.
  • M was ready for UF to fake and drive, gave up some threes before that was adjusted back to the normal
  • Won offensive boards
  • How come we can't get the officiating we get in the tournament in the Big Ten?
  • Teske has like 7 real turnovers this year—need to get the switch-punishing plan down in the offseason
  • Post-ups

Things discussed, Texas Tech:

  • Slog expected. TTU doesn't let you into the middle.
  • Make your threes.
  • Don't let them bank in crap and make a lot of long two's.
  • Expect some Wisconsinesque flopping
  • TTU's defense reminds us of the Fab Five's

Things discussed, the rest of the tournament:

  • Chalky-ass Sweet Sixteen
  • MSU vs. LSU, MSU vs. Duke