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WTKA Roundtable 7/11/2019: The Game Plan wsg Jerry Hanlon and Jim Young

WTKA Roundtable 7/11/2019: The Game Plan wsg Jerry Hanlon and Jim Young

July 11, 2019

"What happened is we got our kids to block and tackle better than their kids, and that's how you win football games." –Jerry Hanlon

This was a special episode: 1/2 where we discuss Hail to the Victors 2019, which is now available from the MGoStore, UGP, The Bo Store, Nicola's, Literati, and Amazon Kindle. And Flinties (or people coming home from up north): we plan to have it at The Split Mitt by Wednesday next week.


  • Jim Young, Hall of Fame coach and 1969 Michigan defensive coordinator
  • Jerry Hanlon, 1969 Michigan person who coordinated the offense but did not have the title of offensive coordinator

[huge gap of how how much you care]

  • Steve "Dr. Sap" Sapardanis
  • Brian Cook
  • Seth Fisher

Things discussed:

  • The 1969 Michigan-Ohio State gameplan: "Veer plug" defense to contain Rex Kern, Ohio State's own fullback dive, play-action, and their basic reverse-pivot handoffs to the running back and power gap blocking. Young recalled the special punt return package "right middle return" was a counter to the standard edge blocking.
  • Woody playing up the "Greatest team in a century"
  • "50" on everything
  • Jim Young's "Those who stay…" sign
  • Jim Young's other sign "Will you bow down…"
  • Woody Hayes on the sideline
  • That time Jerry Hanlon asked out Debbie Reynolds
  • The fact that Debbie married a Jewish guy named Fisher (just saying)
MGoPodcast 10.33: It’s Like Twitter

MGoPodcast 10.33: It’s Like Twitter

July 9, 2019

How do you screw up USC recruiting? Hi, five-star, Aunt Becky committed fraud to get her kid in here, wanna come?

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1. The Franzsegment (Pronounced "Franzigment")

(starts at 1:00)

You have to understand, we didn't think basketball was going to be all that good this year. Now we're all about the Franzening. We do some minutes pie: Is he a 2 or a 4? Or is Livers a 4? Who are the five? Pushes this team from one worrying about dropping some games to the decent middle of the Big Ten to pretty confident they can get past them. Iowa plus defense. Wagner probably taking the Iggy role. Can't take an injury, but that's true for all teams in basketball.

2. Recruitaplijhbfafha (pronounced "Recruitaplijhbfafha")

(starts at 39:13)

Concerts we went to that date us. Also: running backs, receivers shaped like running backs, and receivers shaped like running backs who can play outside. Speed in Space. Watch the Top Billin' video on Blake Corum! If you were ordering off the offensive tackle men you would choose Jeffrey Persi's traits. Seth tries to argue the near five-star is underrated because Notre Dame and Michigan found him. St. Frances owes us. Drevno's into ankles like a character out of Wheel of Time. Fun with Loy.

3. Recruitaplijhbfafha: Defense (Alsø alsø wik)

(starts at 1:49:42)

Going Greg Frey route on the defensive line too. With McGregor in the class you don't need Anchors but they're getting a couple of Carlo Kemp molds. Our favorite linebacker in the class is the best guy to play running back (Wisconsin and Stanford wanted him). When recruiting a Viper you want a guy they call "Apache" who gets compared to the Tasmanian Devil. A segue into Oliver Martin and how to transfer. Morant: not the top safety in the country to anyone except 24/7, straight-line speed might be a question. Started as a linebacker then shifted to corner.

4. Soccer

(starts at 1:49:42)

Seth picked the wrong time to try to become a US soccer fan. Women's soccer is great for the cultural things and the "suck it get a Title IX" thing but kinda feels like being an Alabama fan. A philosophical discussion over what happened in the Gold Cup Final: not talented enough to win when their plan that works doesn't actually pay off. Second half just can't get the ball because they're not talented enough. If you pay attention to the meta game, they were better than Mexico, but randomness is part of the sport.

  • "Rock Me Amadeus"—Falco
  • "Sorry for Stealing Your Man"—Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas
  • "Short People"—Randy Newman
  • “Across 110th Street”
Ace Pod 1.5: Accepting Apologies wsg Alex Cook

Ace Pod 1.5: Accepting Apologies wsg Alex Cook

June 30, 2019

A certain player went in a certain round that nobody believed would happen.


We discuss Michigan basketball’s outlook for 2019-2020 with and without Franz Wagner, who as of recording time hasn’t made a decision between Alba Berlin and the Wolverines. He’s risen to 2020 first round candidate, and he’d likely fill the Iggy Brazdeikis role as a larger catch-and-shoot threat who can score in a variety of ways. We’re not quite ready to say that adding Wagner is the difference between making and missing the NCAA tournament, but we get close.


We go team-by-team using Bart Torvik’s 2020 projections as a jumping-off point to predict an approximate order of finish. We’re bullish on MSU and Maryland; less so on Penn State, Nebraska, and Northwestern. Can the conference produce more than six NCAA bids? There are a lot of teams in the middle of the pack that could find themselves on the bubble and not much in the way of locks beyond the aforementioned Spartans and Terps.



Iggy Brazdeikis to the Knicks is also discussed before we delve into a question about John Beilein’s ability to turn the Cavs into contenders. A lot has to go right for that to happen; will Dan Gilbert give him enough time?


We don’t claim to know college baseball, so we spend a few minutes appreciating Michigan’s run to the championship series. Alex used to play backyard football with Karl Kaufmann and somehow his crew took a while to figure out that the kid with an arm-cannon should play quarterback.


"Come On Home" — Franz Ferdinand
"What is Success"— Allen Toussaint
"Interlude" — Lamont Dozier

MGoPodcast 10.32: Big As A Grapefruit

MGoPodcast 10.32: Big As A Grapefruit

June 23, 2019

Think of all the logo changes Michigan State’s had, and now they have a good one.

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1. The Word Series Experience wsg Colin Johnston (Manuel Excel/@ColinTJ on Twitter)

(starts at 1:00)

This didn’t come from nowhere, but wow we kinda came outta nowhere. Pitching is what got us here and OMIGOD that FSU game. Could that pitching go MLB? Kerr has been amazing.

2. Vanderbilt Preview, again with Colin

(starts at 23:07)

Monsters, baseball version of the Villanova team our 2018 basketball team ran into, right down to the top two guys who might be the best two players in the country. Preseason and money #1. Michigan hasn’t faced hitters like #4 overall JJ Bleday or Austin Martin, who’ll be top ten next year, or Kumar Rocker, son of Tracy Rocker, the former Outland Trophy winner from Auburn, who wears #80 because he looks like a tight end, throws 95 mph with an 84 mph slider that goes straight down. He’s not even their best pitcher either.

3. Baseball: The Future

(starts at 36:39)

Bakich is sticking around, so is the pitching coach? Michigan’s academics and the Go Blue Guarantee might set them up to be a Gonzaga, if they don’t move the North to its own wood bat league. Academics matter a ton in recruiting in this sport, and Bakich is a hell of a recruiter. Probably get to keep him unless Vanderbilt comes along one day.

4. Soccer

(starts at 57:26)

Jealous of their wingers. The women’s hamblasting: we are all for blowouts and spiciness in sports, e.g. Dantonio’s march. Men’s team is starting to bring our confidence level in the kids. Stole a New Zealander. Boyd is going to be the Dempsey, which we haven’t had forever. Disappointing thing about not having Adams: he flashed that ability they really need a midfield with some bite. Why is U.S. soccer so good at women’s development but not men’s? Title IX: we’ve put more money towards it. Get on Zardis if you want but he’s a runner and he’s one of the only Americans out there scoring goals.

  • "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"—Jaqueline Schwab
  • "The Execution of All Things"—Rilo Kiley
  • "Orange Crush"—R.E.M.
  • “Across 110th Street”
The Ace Pod 1.4: Sexy Mailbag Time

The Ace Pod 1.4: Sexy Mailbag Time

June 21, 2019


Which non-obvious freshman could make a mark this year? In what becomes a related question, am I more worried about replacing Devin Bush or shoring up depth at defensive tackle? And why did things go haywire with a Harbaugh offense, anyway?


In which I advocate for post possessions, which I never expected to do. Also, what is the definition of success for Juwan Howard in his first two years?


Nothing explicit unless you’re turned on by low turnover rates.

  • Building Steam With a Grain of Salt — DJ Shadow
  • My Mathematical Mind — Spoon
  • Ladies (Instrumental) — Lee Fields
WTKA Roundtable 6/20/2019: A Team That Looks Like America

WTKA Roundtable 6/20/2019: A Team That Looks Like America

June 21, 2019

Things discussed:

  • That feeling like it's a team of destiny
  • When you're a Northern team you feel like a rank outsider, but that's not what this team is: 1st and 3rd round picks at the front of the rotation
  • Criswell out of the bullpen?
  • Nwogu: Not a defensive end, except on 24/7. Brewer too.
  • Playcards, and Moneyball.
  • Recruiting America: how Bakich recruits high schools, not afraid to develop his own players.
  • Another inefficiency: they run the basepaths! Running on UCLA's noodly-armed catcher.
  • FSU coaching search: probably Martin's son, Bakich not on it (yet) but Michigan needs to lock him down.
  • Rick Leach calls in. Brian calls dodgeball a tool of (non-jock) repression.
  • Vandy: the Bama of baseball?
  • Northern teams should secede: There will never be a baseball game in Ann Arbor on June 12.
  • Michigan should win the world series and take off: "We've got the belt."
  • Sam vs. dodgeball. Dennis from the OC calls in.
  • NBA Draft: Feel bad for Charles. Sucks that guy can't heal up and go back to college. Still think he might be the most successful of the trio.
The Ace Pod 1.3: Dickie V. and the Plate-Glass Window wsg Joe Stapleton

The Ace Pod 1.3: Dickie V. and the Plate-Glass Window wsg Joe Stapleton

June 15, 2019

Give me all the Bo Ryan rage so I can drink it in my coffee


Reminiscing about the unique experience covering John Beilein as a reporter. Joe took the collegiate approach to beat writing and got a typically Beilein response. The Daily piece mentioned can be found here ( We talk about how different watching a Beilein program was for those of us who came up only knowing Ellerbe and Amaker. Stunningly, we found it much more enjoyable.

A relatively quick Juwan Howard and staff discussion follows that wasn’t lengthy enough to make into its own segment. After the moonshots, he was the obvious choice, and Phil Martelli seems like a home run hire in the category of “find a guy who’s done this before.”


This was brutally difficult and I’m sure you’ll be shocked by at least one of my omissions. So you’re not shocked by other omissions, I covered the team from 2012-13 through 2017-18, while Joe covered 2010-11 for the Daily and 2012-14 with UMHoops. This isn’t about picking the best players, but the ones who made the greatest impact on us while we covered them for whatever reason, so there’s feelingsball at play here.


Same deal here: we had to be covering the game in person to include it on our list. As you may expect, we hit some overlap from the 2013 and 2014 seasons, much of which we spent trying not to get kicked off press row for reacting to GRIII lobs.

  • They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.) — Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
  • Thuggin’ (Instrumental) — Freddie Gibbs & Madlib
  • Yesterday — J Dilla
WTKA Roundtable 6/13/2019: Since Eighty Four

WTKA Roundtable 6/13/2019: Since Eighty Four

June 13, 2019

Things discussed:

  • Baseball: this tournament is set up well for Michigan's three starting pitchers.
  • Handicapping: this game is too random.
  • Can Bakich keep this up? Craig says yea.
  • Start a Northern League! Fisher used to be packed, but the season is over when the weather gets good.
  • In the mid-'80s Michigan went on probation in baseball because some of the players were selling programs.
  • HTTV: Craig talks a bit about 1893.
  • NCAA's very soft hammer: Will Louisville get some?
  • Brian's idea: Give the 13 highest APR teams extra scholarships.
  • Skeptical they'll ever go after a major program.
  • USC is in the kiddie end of the pool: The NCAA should be there for MSU stuff, UNC stuff, FSU, Baylor, etc.
  • What do you want to hear from Schembechler Hall?
WTKA Roundtable 6/6/2019: Ask Me If I Know

WTKA Roundtable 6/6/2019: Ask Me If I Know

June 6, 2019

Things discussed:

  • Martelli upon further review: Unlucky to be as bad as they were. Never recruited a top 100 guy. He is the history of St. Joe's on Kenpom.
  • Craig: he's candid, fills a need. Ed: remember him taking Stanford down to the wire.
  • Sam: Coaches argue sometimes, shares an Illinois story when assistant and Beilein went back and forth on man/zone.
  • Brian: He's never seen a Teske at St. Joe's.
  • NCAA three-point line: effect? Smaller corner than the NBA?
  • Got recruiting zones down: Philly/East Coast, Chicago, Detroit, W-Mich/Ohio
  • Not a "We offer you after you get to campus" team anymore.
  • Oliver Martin: Sam takes us through all of the events: heard he wasn't on campus, then he made it, Gattis left SMSB early to meet with him, Oliver at next workout, with the crew, he's our brother. Next day: transferring.
  • Sam practically begging for that hack who pretends to have access to step up again.
  • The nature of SOURCES
  • Doesn't make a lot of sense unless he's miserable/thinks he can get a waiver to play right away in Iowa
  • Clearing up baseball ticket "allotments"—this is a UCLA home game.
  • Baseball is the game of summer.
MGoPodcast 10.31: Six Degrees of Juwan Howard

MGoPodcast 10.31: Six Degrees of Juwan Howard

May 27, 2019

Were there pictures of Tom Hanks on the water jets?

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1. Who's Juwan Howard?

starts at 1:00

Not your typical NBA to college guy. Has deep connections in the NBA, and in AAU, since his sons just went through it. Has developed some big time bigs with the Heat, including a guy younger than Teske. Johns and Castleton gotta be happy. Recruiting after the world of one and done.

2. Who's Going to be Juwan Howard's Assistants?

starts at 31:00

Going over who we've got—we definitely want to find an analyst job for Hayes's kids. Could keep them all, expect to have at least one spot for Juwan to fill. Use a spot on a recruiter, or a point god?

3. Who's Going to be Juwan Howard's Players?

starts at 51:33

How realistic is Franz now? Our Cumberland discussion is already dated since his cousin is going back to Cincy. What about last year's freshmen? Get through this season and make the tournament and next year can be the next F--- Five class.

4. Gimmicky Top Five: Not Shoulderpads

Starts at 1:20:25

In honor of the Red Wings bringing back Steve Yzerman and other 1990s things, other things you'd bring back from the Nineties. Honorable mention: Jason Horn and Will Carr. Kevin Bacon is now connected to everything ever put on a pog.

  • "The Impression That I Get"—Mighty Mighty Bosstones
  • "The Sign"—Ace of Base
  • "U Can't Touch This"—MC Hammer
  • “Across 110th Street”