MGoPodcast 10.26: Tales from the Vomitorium

March 18, 2019

The people are what spews forth from the vomitoria, not the contents of the people.

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1. Michigan's Pod

(starts at 0:58)

The "last two seed" means Michigan doesn't have to play Duke. Montana is without their two bigs from last year. Good at preventing assists on made baskets—we think that means they force you into a lot of iso ball. Nevada was good but played nobody. Seth shares what vomitorium means (got it from the great youtubist CGP Grey). But Nevada's best player, Jordan Caroline, has an Achilles flare, and they just lost to San Diego State without him. Clear preference is Florida.

2. The Rest of Michigan's Region

(starts at 22:41)

How good is Gonzaga? We like that Syracuse is the and Florida State are with them because those two are talent-independent hoodoos. All Syracuse does is have Tyus Battle drive in the lane. Texas Tech is the three seed, and the other great defense. Who grad transfers from St. John's? Highly dependent on a Culver, a high-assist/usage guy Matthews will be checking. They're not a switching defense. They give up a lot of threes but we're guessing those are 24-foot step-backs. How do you shoot 211 threes at 26%? Marquette has Marcus Howard (36% usage!) who's just a jack-it-up shooter. FSU is a forest of arms.


(starts at 45:44)

When Michigan faces a switching defense they just freeze and take bad shots because their answers don't work: X isn't a stepback shooter, they don't have any Iso guys, Matthews is not a good offensive player, and they can't feed the post. Izzo admits he "couldn't play Ward" but also auto-benched Tillman and Michigan immediately swung out to a double-digit lead. Hat tip to Cassius Winston. Grumbling about the slow development of Poole, and Michigan wings being so slow to recover to McQuaid. A 20-percent win percentage flip on a blown call at the end is especially galling because it will never change. Just once it would be nice to play a rival without the rival getting an assist from the officiating.

3. Iowa/Minnesota

(starts at 1:06:03)

Rote blowouts and flexing. Michigan fixed the Iowa problem as soon as they stopped putting Iggy on Garza and Teske on Cook—Cook is the Big Ten's biggest foul magnet, Iggy can't guard Garza. As soon as they stopped doing that it was over.


  • Space Cowboy"—Jonzun Crew
  • "Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl"—Broken Social Scene
  • "Can't Get There from Here"—REM
  • “Across 110th Street”

WTKA Roundtable 3/14/2019: Weird Guys

March 15, 2019

Things discussed:

  • The debacle in Breslin: Shot selection, Winston is a dude, MSU got better because they're forced to play Tillman, who's a better player than Ward especially against Michigan.
  • Brandon Johns done messed up when he was auto-benched onto the floor at a position he hasn't played
  • How is Romeo Langford an NBA prospect and Winston isn't?
  • Weird Guys hour: Michigan botched their opportunity to stretch a 12-point lead with State's backups on the floor
  • The officiating: When Dan Dakich is talking on national television about how the officiating is completely unbalanced, that's a tough pill to swallow. Beilein angry: referees should stop giving Izzo games for being a whiny little bitch. Free throws: 28-6 not counting intentional fouls at the end. INSANE calls in this one—note that they started after a (legit) travel on Winston that Izzo lost his shit over. Craig checked every (140) Big Ten box score for massive free throw disparities (Michigan, which rarely fouls, got 20% of them). Izzo got them: could have been a 10 or 20-point swing. How is the biggest game of the year in the Big Ten also the most unbalanced officiated game in the Big Ten this year? Also: par for the course. Expect Beilein to start lobbying more because what happens on the court is less important than what a Hall of Fame-bound coach is telling them what's happening on the court.
  • Big Ten Tourney: Michigan got a decent draw but….
  • Iowa is a bad matchup: they're a zone defense and their weakness is Garza is a bad defender and Michigan doesn't excel at attacking either of those things.
  • Games from last night: we preferred Iowa, predicted Minnesota win. Did not predict Maryland.
  • How is IU on the bubble: They have the best wins of anybody on the bubble, but also the most losses. Put Indiana against a low major with a huge W-L record in a First Four: IU vs IU-Belmont! Brian would do this every year.
  • Purdue Renaissance: Ryan Cline makes weird shots, Haarms has emerged, they have a 280-pound backup five now too.
  • Wisconsin: Trice has fallen apart, Reuvers is an interesting player
  • State to win it? This has been Izzo's best coaching job in years. Helps when his mistakes injure out of the lineup. This is the kind of team he's better at coaching: stop recruiting lottery picks Tom.
  • Do you keep Livers in the starting lineup?

The Michigan Hockeycast 1.10: For Hughes the Bell Tolls

March 13, 2019

You want to order off the Taco Bell menu instead of look at all the possibilities

Morticians: MGoHockey Correspondent David Nasternak and Anthony "Neutral Zone" Ciatti.

This Podcast Has a Sponsor: Michigan Law Grad Jonathan Paul is the guy with the C you want skating next to the ref and pleading your case. He's also a good guy to sit next to at the hockey games.


1. How it Ended/Minnesota Wrap

starts at 0:50

The ending comes far earlier than we are used to. Dave and Anthony reminisce about simpler times and Red Wings. Minnesota had a good plan, and Michigan faltered as the game wore on Friday. Minnesota came back from being down two goals and their OT winner was a thing of beauty right out of the Quinn Hughes Playbook. Speaking of Hughes, he was hurt late Friday and seriously hobbled on Saturday. Not a lot of time was spent on Saturday's game because it did not last long. Michigan blown out, a rarity this season. Strauss Mann was the player of the weekend.

2. Postmortem/Team Grades

starts at 31:12

We give our review of all aspects of the team. Some positives, unfortunately more negatives. We discuss room for improvement and why we are still confident Mel can get it done at Michigan.

3. The Future of College Hockey and Michigan's Place

starts at 1:04:35

We discuss where the program is, and where we think it is going, and how that intersects with the changes in college hockey over the last 10-15 years.

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  • "When It's Over"—Sugar Ray
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MGoPodcast 10.25: The Eternal Wisdom of Bobby McFerrin

March 10, 2019

Anybody on Northwestern strike your fancy?

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1. Michigan State and the Universe is Trolling Us

(starts at 0:58)

The same game again: Michigan State switched, and Tillman went full Isaiah Roby. Losing Brazdeikis lost the game. The weird guys autobench lineup was extreme. Can't talk about this game without the massive disparity in officiating. If you breathed on Winston he got a foul. Iggy's 4th was ludicrous. Foster Loyer drew a foul by just falling down.

2. Big Ten Tourney/All-B1G Teams

(starts at 25:03)

Purdue has come around with Haarms, Carsen Edwards is overused. All Big Ten lists: there are three guys on the 1st team and 11 guys on the second team. Fernando or Happ? X or Winston?

3. Hockey: Minnesota

(starts at 41:50)

Are there only 15,000 Minnesota fans in existence? The good news is it wasn't the goalies' fault this time. The bad news is the odd-man rushes came back en force. Nobody to put on the power play—everyone but Pasta, Lockwood and Hughes are back-liners. The "good" news is it's not going to get better next year.

3. Hockey: Next Year

(starts at 53:32)

The clown car of next year's recruiting class. Losing Hughes, Norris, and Lockwood most likely. Bringing in Cam York to replace Hughes, Beecher, a 3rd round pick-ish guy, will walk onto a scoring line. Also Martin Lapointe's son. Losing Norris also broke up the Pasta line. Their 4th line was their 1st line.


  • Don't Worry Be Happy"—Bobby McFerrin
  • "Eye of the Tiger"—Survivor
  • "Jack Sparrow"—The Lonely Island featuring Michael Bolton
  • “Across 110th Street”

WTKA Roundtable 3/7/2019: So Sick of Coaching the Way We Gotta Coach

March 7, 2019

Things discussed:

  • How has Brian Cook not been banned from Twitter like Scott Bell?
  • M at MD: All hail Simpson, who wasn't responsible for the bricks. Bruno Fernando Thunderblocks kept the Terps in the game.
  • X's hook shot makes front rows grab their heads.
  • Seen enough of Teske against guards that that's your option vs the switch
  • Sad Izzo Presser
  • State Part 2: Contain Winston
  • Talking Purdue: Painter's done a great job.
  • Delany: Getting another $20 million for being just a guy in charge of an exploitive system.

The Michigan Hockeycast 1.9: Right in the Quinns

March 5, 2019

There are no fun parts of this.

Therapists: MGoHockey Correspondent David Nasternak and Anthony "Don't blame the goalies" Ciatti.

This Podcast Has a Sponsor: Michigan Law Grad Jonathan Paul is the guy with the C you want skating next to the ref and pleading your case. He's also a good guy to sit next to at the hockey games.


1. The Wisconsin Series

starts at 0:50

Not a great weekend! Trying to use these exclamations to hide our disappointment! Michigan was blindsided by a nice Wisconsin curveball on Friday and could not recover. Strauss Mann got another start and struggled for two periods before owning the third. Michigan gave up a breakaway goal after a man came out of the penalty box in overtime for the second straight game.
 On Saturday, Michigan played much better but some less than timely defensive lapses and a bad game from Lavigne put Michigan in a situation where they would have to outscore Wisconsin, and they almost did. Another overtime loss, and another game ending that only NCAA hockey can provide. Michigan somehow gave up two overtime goals on Saturday! Positives: Mike Pastujov was the player of the weekend, Michigan mostly played very good defense on Saturday.

2. Big Ten Tournament First Round/Minnesota Preview

starts at 32:12

We touch on Michigan's season. They finished below .500. Briefly talk about the first round B10 matchups and get in-depth with Michigan-Minnesota. Season series favored Michigan aside from the final scores, seems to be a favorable matchup. David and Anthony give their predictions for the weekend. Spoiler alert: it involves watching a Canucks game next week.
 If that last line is too dark I am fine with changing it

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MGoPodcast 10.24: Atop the Pantheon of Wilco

March 4, 2019

It doesn’t matter; you’re in last place in Red Panda PAC’s Wilco Pantheon

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1. Maryland

(starts at 1:00)

Brian tries to make a long point about Wilco, or Zavier Simpson’s best games—it’s hard to tell. We rate hook shots. Life without Matthews. Completely necessary rant about when Michigan went –8 by taking X off the court for his third foul (which was a dumb foul). Try not to talk too much Castleton because Nebraska segment is next but Castleton man. DDJ though. David brings up J.T. Barrett. Also Iggy got Michigan halfway to the bonus in like three minutes. Fernando and Teske probably never want to play each other again. Red Panda.

2. Nebraska

(starts at 33:33)

My girl’s the baddest though so I keep winning. Nebraska showed up and gave up, which played right in Dan Dakich’s take wheelhouse. When a defensive team hits 50 percent from three it’s over. Can’t switch with Tanner Borschardt. Poole had five assists and we were all okay with his turnover. Jon Teske > Mo last year. Get more creation out of him?

3. Around the Big Ten

(starts at 54:14)

Northwestern is an excellent worst conference team but probably not good enough to knock off Purdue, meaning Michigan needs Minnesota to do it for them. Rutgers has is an insane basket away from being a team with a tournament resume (that still couldn’t get in). Penn State was the best team in the league in February. If only they’d won that Purdue game.

4. Across the Crooked Blue Line with Steve Lorenz of 247Sports

(starts at 1:15:53)

Steve guarantees that every Michigan target is indeed a real human being. Discuss the recent re-ratings of all the 2020 prospects, in which Michigan’s commits fell a little ways. Still high on Seldon and KD; some of the linebackers haven’t progressed and the new lineman probably won’t until senior tape rolls in. Is there a chance with the in-state five-stars? Will State get shut out of the top ten players in Michigan?


  • "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart"—Wilco
  • "You Are the Pan"—John Williams (from ‘Hook’)
  • "Why Does the Sun Shine? (The Sun is a Mas of Incandescent Gas"—They Might Be Giants
  • “Across 110th Street”

WTKA Roundtable 2/28/2019: Any Old Cook

March 1, 2019

Things discussed:

  • Ed isn't allowed to forget he took McQuaid over Matthews
  • The State game: Tip of cap to Winston. State got Michigan into the usage pattern (e.g. X threes) they desired. Michigan lost their minds.
  • Jordan Morgan was a little salty and Brian agrees.
  • Managing the guys:
  • Beilein wasn't going to throw his guys under the bus, but there were things they worked on in practice that the guys just didn't execute
  • Craig runs down the breakdowns from the 4 minutes when M was up six with the ball.
  • The Poole talk: hopefully this was a wakeup call.
  • Was Charles hurt? (Yes) because they haven't had the big lineup. Why not try Iggy at the 2?
  • Castleton advocacy
  • Is Penn State good?
  • Nebraska: the difference with/without Copeland is huge.
  • The Zion Cam: worse than the draft bar in the middle of a Michigan basketball game?
  • Rather watch Bill Walton than Dick Vitale—at least there's some affableness to him being high all the time.
  • Michigan at their best > MSU at their best.

The Michigan Hockeycast 1.8: Hughes Got It Better Than Us?

February 28, 2019

Draper to Draper from Draper

Eggs: MGoHockey Correspondent/Scrambler David Nasternak and Anthony "Sunny Side Up" Ciatti.

This Podcast Has a Sponsor: Michigan Law Grad Jonathan Paul is the guy with the C you want skating next to the ref and pleading your case. He's also a good guy to sit next to at the hockey games.


1. That Which Has Occurred: The OSU Series

(starts at 0:50)

Michigan took the season series from OSU. A nice change from last year, and it was well earned. Friday night's win was not actually a good game from the Wolverines as OSU controlled the game up until the end of the 2nd, where Hughes tied it going into intermission.

Strong play from Strauss Mann and the Moyle-Van Wyhe-Raabe line (dubbed "The '90s Line" by Anthony) got Michigan the win.

Anthony and David sing the praises of this line. The Saturday game was a 2OT loss (counted as a Shootout loss for the purpose of the standings, don't get us started, we had to hold back on the pod) but Michigan was mostly the better team. The bad parts of this weekend are discussed - Special teams, offensive zone penalties, and brutal officiating and review processes turning a great college hockey game through 2 periods into a tedious third period and three-hour marathon.

2. Upcoming Schedule, Any Chance at Playoffs?

(starts at 30:06)

How do the Big Ten standings look going into the final weekend? David took the time to break it down, and bless his heart because I can't even remember half the details writing it up only a few hours later. Michigan can get 2nd or they can get 5th so there is still a lot on the line. 2nd gives Michigan home ice through the finals, 3rd or 4th allows Michigan to host a home series next weekend. How is Wisconsin? Not really good or productive. K'Andre Miller is their big star but he is young (and possibly injured) and they have gone in the tank. They seem to be a year behind schedule. David calls Anthony out for only thinking Michigan would get three points from OSU/WISC.

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The Teams: 1901

February 26, 2019

"Did you really coach four teams out there and they all won championships? No, I coached five teams and they all won championships."

Michigan historian Dr. Sap and I have started a new podcast on the lore of Michigan football. This one got out of hand, just like everything else Yost touched when he arrived, largely thanks to the endless knowledge of "guest" (really, he hosted and we just listened most of the time) Toronto Sun NFL columnist John Kryk, author of Stagg vs. Yost: The Birth of Cutthroat Football.

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It is sponsored by HomeSure Lending. If you're buying or refinancing your home, this is the guy to talk to. He'll work on your loan directly and walk you through a process that can get really confusing really fast. He did my loan, Brian's loan, and a lot of MGoBlog readers' loans.


1. The Setup

(starts at 0:50)


Yost's contract (click for big), which is held at the UM Bentley Library

Yost's path to Michigan. The rules: five-point touchdowns, insane extra points that began with horizontal longsnaps, six men on the line of scrimmage, no passing. Most teams were built on the Yale system, which was all about burling your way forward at a few murderous yards per gain. Lots of rugby still in the game at this point.

2. Meet the Team

(starts at 24:19)


The 1901 team photograph, colored by unknown and color-fixed by Jason Kryk

Yost's tenants. QB Boss Weeks was the most terrifying 5'6 man in history. Everett Sweeley is my pick for greatest Michigan punter. FB Neil Snow was Jim Thorpe before Thorpe. Cap Redden and Albert Herrnstein two of the great ends; there's a memorial to Herrnstein in Illinois. Captain Hugh White built the Lincoln Memorial and the US Supreme Court Building. Dan McGugin is responsible for the SEC. Dad Gregory was small for a C and never saw a grade that high until he went to law school. Eben Wilson the tough nugget from EMU. Bruce Shorts nearly died.

3. The Season

(starts at 55:51)

  1. Albion. 50-0. Albion didn’t cross their own 45. Heston didn’t play until the 2nd half with the backups. Said Yost “That was easy.”
  2. Case. Daily Headline (via The Michigan Daily Archives):J25DfnQM3tNnZkBE09V5JaGSc2LADfaZtDY695OTCase showed up with their own ref (from Oberlin, who had a history with Michigan) and threatened to get back on their bus if they didn’t use their guy. Heston and Redden breakout party. Close call: Sweeley fumbled the snap and a Case guy got free, but Sweeley ran him down.
  3. Indiana. 33-0. Michigan’s weight was a concern, especially in a wet slog. No trickeration “with the exception of a lonely quarterback punt.” Only weakness in Michigan is defense
  4. Northwestern. 29-0 versus a contender. Defense held. Closest to giving up a score: NW 1st and goal at the 2. Northwestern would pull both guards into the same gap and try to plow downfield but Michigan’s D was shooting the gaps. The fans gave Northwestern a Rutgers cheer when they got an 8-yard gain. Two 50-yard runs by Heston. Yost as OBC.
  5. Buffalo. 128-0. Everyone had scored a TD but the center, Dad Gregory.
  6. Carlisle. 22-0. and Pop Warner. Played before 2,000 people in Detroit. First half M fumbles twice. The “move-over” play is used. Minister Wu is in the audience. Wu Tingfang, the Chinese minister.
  7. Ohio State. 21-0. Not yet The Game; Buckeyes start feigning injuries, Michigan starts making fun of Ohio State by falling down with the same injuries.
  8. Chicago. 22-0. The Game. Stagg was a cross between Joe Paterno and Bo Ryan, manipulating every rule to his benefit while cultivating this fiction that he was the angel.
  9. Beloit. 89-0. With Nebraska and Notre Dame this was one of the elite Midwest teams that couldn't get into the Big Ten because of academic elitism.
  10. Iowa. 50-0. Played in Chicago—Stagg scheduled his Wisconsin game atop them but it still drew 10,000 spectators.

4. The First Rose Bowl & Legacy

(starts at 2:02:43)



Yost organized a Christmas game with Cal in San Francisco followed by Stanford in Pasadena. Not the first team to play out West: Stagg 1894. Charles Baird: recent former player became the first athletic director, but also had to deal with some faculty who were sure They were in charge of the athletic department—Baird was more day-to-day running of the show. Rose Bowl: Michigan sent just 15 guys—the starters, a few backups, Yost, and a manager. Good Yost story about how Stanford threw in the towel. Stats: Did they score a point a minute? Most offense per game until the Run & Shoot Houston team. Is this season the reason Michigan is MICHIGAN?

  • "Come Josephine in My Flying Machine"—Ada Jones & the American Quartet
  • "Machine"—Regina Spektor
  • "Extraordinary Machine"—Fiona Apple
  • "A Toast to Yost from Coast to Coast"—1940 UM Glee Club (via)
  • “Across 110th Street”