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The Ace Pod 2.0: Coldest Days

The Ace Pod 2.0: Coldest Days

January 20, 2020

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Segment One: Iowa Thoughts

Yes, the officiating was one-sided even when accounting for playing style. There was still more to this loss, though, particularly outside shooting. While Luka Garza again had a big point total, he wasn’t unstoppable inside the arc, and a lot of this had to do with Juwan Howard being willing to send the occasional double-team. David DeJulius had an excellent game running the point while Zavier Simpson dealt with autobench.

Segment Two: Iowa Q&A

Topics include:

  • What’s to blame for the foul disparity: home cooking, style of play, or both?
  • What to do about the two-big lineups?
  • Who’s going to be the primary backup big going forward?
  • Is doubling the post here to stay?
  • How will this team look different in March?
  • Most villainous Wagner: Moe or Franz? 

Song: “Coldest Days” — The Rural Alberta Advantage

WTKA Roundtable 1/16/2019: That’s the Whole Problem

WTKA Roundtable 1/16/2019: That’s the Whole Problem

January 17, 2020

Things discussed:

  • Anthony Campanile takes a bail move—turned down two DC jobs and Harbaugh blocked the Giants from talking to him. Just weird.
  • John Beilein's jump to the NBA is the dumbest move of his career. Sam: yes, this is his retirement gig, thinks recruiting, offseasons off, and the fact that the FBI probe couldn't even get the coaches they got on tape removed all had something to do with it.
  • Letting centers get career highs: worked when Garza went off and his buddies got zilch, not so much on the road. Cockburn, Trevion Williams, Oturu are just that good? Cassius Winston was making bad shots. Juwan's analytics betraying him when these guys are feeling it.
  • Teske won with zero help last year against everyone but Garza in Iowa City. You HAVE to force the ball to less efficient guys to take advantage of their holes.
  • We gotta talk about playing Eli Brooks less.
  • We gotta talk about getting the lower bowl filled at Crisler
MGoPodcast 11.17: A Noble Creature

MGoPodcast 11.17: A Noble Creature

January 13, 2020

If you come back for your senior year you might get to see Nana again.

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1. Hoops vs Minnesota

starts at 1:00

Michigan's worst defensive game in a very long time. Teske got run by Cockburn, Williams, Garza, and Oturu—just not Tillman. Marcus Carr is finishing through Teske's chest in this game. Why aren't they doubling? Especially in this game? Other things: Wagner finding a groove, still can't muscle guys. He's not a 4: guy Livers should have been guarding can muscle a freshman Wagner. Eli has to hit his open threes or they need to let DDJ start. Juwan's stubbornly sticking to his rotation despite ample evidence at this point that Nunez can't be out there.

2. Hot Takes and Purdue

starts at 27:02

Let C.J. cook! Trevion Williams puts up a career game, as one does. Teske made it difficult-ish on Williams, who had the game of his life. But if you're going to double off anyone it's the team with Aaron Wheeler and Nojel Eastern. Losing Haarms opens the door for Michigan to run their three-guard lineup, and Simpson goes 8/8 of two after that. Both teams were turning it over at first then it became a pretty good game. It looks like a Beilein team now.

3. Gimmicky Top Five: Most Terrifying Things in the Big Ten This Year

starts at 45:34

Rutgers. Let the peacock fly! That joke this week man. I would like to see Michigan not give up career highs to every center they face. Is it fun or horrifying to cover a Big Ten this good? Ibi Watson is shooting 49% on threes.

4. Ace's Hockey Podcast

starts at 1:12:50

Sweep of Notre Dame that felt like all the rest of their games this year except the result. Straus Mann is a good goalie (ND has one too)! Big Ten has one team that's talented, Wisconsin, and they're terrible on defense. Recruiting is better than basketball.

  • "Tired of Being Along"—Al Green
  • "Make a Change"—Durand Jones & The Indications
  • "War is Coming (If You Want It)"–Car Seat Headrest
  • “Across 110th Street”
WTKA Roundtable 1/9/2020: Everyone’s Secret Brother

WTKA Roundtable 1/9/2020: Everyone’s Secret Brother

January 10, 2020

Things discussed:

  • YES people I'm working on the book (this week in fact). Craig got a head start because he's been writing it as articles in HTTV for several years.
  • Josh Christopher: looks to pass, ability to get squared up. More impact as a one-and-done than Isaiah Todd. Intriguing to see him with Dickinson.
  • Terrance Williams: plays bigger than his size but has some skills away from the basket
  • First tournament in history with Rutgers and no UNC: none of the top-five picks are playing in the NCAAs this year!
  • Jae'Sean Tate would rub Icy Hot over his entire body. Nobody liked banging with that guy.
  • Need to learn some gamesmanship to prevent run-outs.
  • Anthony Campanile offered 7 figures—Schiano wants a huge assistant salary pool.
  • Purdue and beyond: Still a John Beilein team, still has a 6'6" guy playing wing, need to hit shots to win.
MGoPodcast 11.16: Speaking of Mega-Loogies

MGoPodcast 11.16: Speaking of Mega-Loogies

January 6, 2020

It's really uncomfortable here under the bus, Ace.

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1. Hoops vs MSU

starts at 1:00

Once Teske went out they went zone with Nunez. Breslin fouls on him nuked what was one of his best games. Still no answer for Cassius Winston—wish Michigan had just kept using the drop coverage and forced him to keep hitting his runner twos instead of hard hedges. When a Beilein roster shoots 5/23 from three on the road, it's a recipe. Johns so hesitant from deep after his early miss. Expected the Breslin, got the Breslin. Shout-out to Big Country who kept Michigan in this game with some cool finishes. Michigan doesn't know how to do enough gamesmanship (e.g. throw the ball at the ref's feet after a basket to prevent transitions off makes).

2. Basketball Outlook

starts at 24:02

First tactical issue all year was MSU's breaks. Will have the best non-conf resume of tournament teams. Brooks is up, Johns has shown signs, and Castleton needs to Garza up. Rutgers is one spot behind Indiana! Ohio State looked ragged against West Virginia, and losing to Wisconsin at home is hooo. Don't be disappointed if this is a six seed. Can't make fun of Richard Pitino for now.

Recruiting: Williams and Dickinson! Williams is JaeSean Tate/Kenny Goins late career/Iggy Brazdeikis-ish? Josh Christopher fills the NBA-level two-guard need that Michigan has way more than Greg Brown the 5-star who said he's taking a Michigan visit on his way to Kentucky or Memphis. Everyone thinks Christopher's going to end up at UCLA for…reasons. But Corey Evans moved his FutureCast to Michigan. Todd's a bigger recruiting get for showing what Juwan can get than what we'll get since he'll mostly develop after his one-and-done year. Get Chet! Would you take Beilein back right now?

3. The Citrus Bowl

starts at 11:11:28

Both an excellent and bad summary of Shea Patterson's career, since the thing he was good at he was terrible at in this game: Deep ball accuracy! Giles Jackson looks fast when he's playing Alabama. Imagining the game if they don't throw that horseshit flag on Aidan Hutchinson, or if Bell doesn't step out of bounds, or if Alabama wasn't just so perfect on their throws. Hard to have takeaways about Chris Hinton because they didn't try him until the end.

4. Football Outlook

starts at 1:35:14

Skill position looks very good, what do you have at quarterback? Blake Corum is the perfect addition to a running back room that adds Chris Evans too. OL seems fine—the guys leaving are probably getting passed by young'uns except for Ruiz. Most important guys on next year's team are Mazi Smith and Chris Hinton because DTs and QBs are the game these days. Outlook for the conference.

  • "January Hymn"—The Decemberists
  • "Pony"—Ginuwine
  • "I've Been Searching"–O.V. Wright
  • “Across 110th Street”
WTKA Roundtable 1/2/2020: The Cat’s Wearing Pants

WTKA Roundtable 1/2/2020: The Cat’s Wearing Pants

January 2, 2020

Football things discussed:

  • Thought it was going to be a bloodbath and it wasn't. Great script from Gattis
  • Everything relevant to next year goes well, Patterson doesn't give a quarterback a chance while Mac Jones is pinpointing bombs off his back foot.
  • Jeudy was the best player on the field, their QB played his best game and ours couldn't hit anything over 15 yards.
  • Season review: First-time coordinator stuff grew into what we more or less expected. Second half: shooting themselves in the foot, happens all the time in the Harbaugh era.
  • Great use of Giles Jackson as a quasi-RB.
  • 2020: Michigan gets most of their skill position players back pending some NFL decisions for Collins & DPJ.
  • Gotta replace three guys on OL but have Stueber, Filiaga, Hayes, Vastardis, kick the tires on Terrance Davis perhaps? Have a lot of ways to get to another good five.
  • Brian prefers McCaffery to going after KJ Costello—people in the building love Dylan, but he's got to stop taking big hits.
  • Weird that Steve Sarkisian didn't bother with crushing us with Najee Harris inside until the end. What does DT situation look like?
  • Secondary: Seldon can play, gonna see what they have in DJ Turner.
  • Brian: Next year hinges on Mazi Smith and Chris Hinton, and how good/healthy can Dwumfour be?
  • Specialty positions: "Shark" (Uche) and Viper will be interesting.

Hoops things discussed:

  • MSU: were about to lose to Seton Hall until they got some crazy nice officiating
  • Biggest difference this year is State can't shoot threes.
  • What's Nunez doing in practice that he's still ahead of Bajema?
The Michigan Hockeycast 2.3: Teddy Shots

The Michigan Hockeycast 2.3: Teddy Shots

December 22, 2019

wsg Bailey Johnson (@BaileyAJohnson_) hockey beat writer for The Michigan Daily

This Podcast Has a Sponsor: Michigan Law Grad Jonathan Paul is the guy with the C you want skating next to the ref and pleading your case. He's also a good guy to sit next to at the hockey games.


1. Since Last We Met

starts at 0:50

David runs down the series since the last HockeyCast. The team is playing better but cannot get over the hump. Obviously the biggest issue is scoring, but what else is going on? Defense is much improved, and goaltending from Strauss Mann has been stellar.

2. Team Lines/Pairings Debate and Minnesota Preview

starts at 25:51

We chat with Bailey about her observations of the team. How has the culture evolved? How can they take the next step to become a good program? What are they lacking? What is going well? The team seems closer to being good than their on-ice performance and results would indicate.

  • "NHL on ESPN Theme"
  • "Brass Bonanza"—Hartford Whalers
  • "Ice Hockey (NES) theme"
WTKA Roundtable 12/19/2019: Sippin on a Santa Margherita

WTKA Roundtable 12/19/2019: Sippin on a Santa Margherita

December 20, 2019

Brian still has bronchitis so he's out.

Football things discussed:

  • Craig's Underrated All-Stars: Dan Villari=Craig Krenzel. Aaron Lewis: see him as 3-tech or a nose tackle, and thinks he's terrific, will be 280+ when's all said and done, great hands. Mohan!
  • William Mohan: has the potential to be a McGrone/Bush, Sam says Khaleke because he's so fluid, rated as a safety.
  • Viper possibilities all have M's: Moten, Morant, Mullings, Mohan
  • KJ Costello: should Michigan pursue? Probably means losing one or two of the guys they have. Also means keeping him from a rival.

Basketball things discussed:

  • MSU played just 3 top-50 teams, all with their friendly Big Ten refs, all but one at home, versus 8 that Michigan played, with one at home.
  • Oregon put up four at-the-buzzer prayers that went in, Michigan was 25% from slam dunks; this was a game Michigan deserved to win, but wasn't good enough to overcome bad luck.
  • What's a "Juwan Howard" team? High eFG%, low turnovers (on both ends). TOs are mostly trying to make great passes.
  • Same defense as last year: no three-pointers (Oregon got their shooter loose though).
  • Killer play in this game was Eli trying to go around his back while up two: Michigan had a 41-20 run in this game!
  • Pritchard is the first guy to really get X—with Teske out of the game the lane is open bc X couldn't check him.
  • Teske/Johns: it was a matter of we're not going to help, and Johns was a dynamo late in that game.
  • Last play of the game: just didn't fall down. Why kill 15 seconds?
  • Johns! Good to have a smaller guy to use against 6'8" centers.
  • Livers shut Pritchard down: should we try an X-Livers-Franz-Johns-Teske lineup?
  • Miss having the option to put Charles on a guy like that.
MGoRadio 5.13: White Beard Talk-The Signing Day Podcast

MGoRadio 5.13: White Beard Talk-The Signing Day Podcast

December 18, 2019

wsg Steve Lorenz from 247Sports, and Adam Shnepp from MGoBlog

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[After THE JUMP: the player and what we said]


1.Across the Crooked Blue Line, with Steve Lorenz: Offense

starts at 1:00

QB is a tough position for Michigan because of JD Johnson’s medical retirement. Tried CJ Stroud, but he picked OSU. Have offered Dan Villari instead, a hyper athletic bigger guy and only a three star. Should go to Michigan.

Michigan signed Blake Corum at RB, a borderline top 100 type who they had to hold off from OSU. Jay Harbaugh is the most underrated recruiter on the coaching staff. Corum is totally different than Haskins, Turner, and Charbonnet, built more like an OSU running back. RB has gone from the biggest question on the roster to maybe the deepest on the team. Gaige Garcia is nominally still in the class but on a wrestling scholarship, Tru Wilson might be best case scenario.

AJ Henning is an ideal slot receiver for Gattis. Will probably play next season in the Giles Jackson mold. Eamonn Dennis is one of the likely sleeper picks of the class, a lot of similarities to Sainristil, also a Massachusetts guy and could play CB. Michigan’s scouting has been pretty good recently. Roman Wilson was a spring bloomer, also very fast. This could be Michigan’s fastest class ever.

At TE, Matthew Hibner shot up the ranks but fell just short of 4* composite- 247 likes him a lot more. Hurt to lose Theo Johnson but Hibner makes it hurt less. Nick Patterson is probably not joining the class.

Not as big of an OL class as last year, this is more of a supplemental class. Michigan had to beat ND to get Reece Atteberry. Jeffery Persi is a Greg Frey type and is Seth’s sleeper of the class.

2. Across the Crooked Blue Line, with Steve Lorenz: Defense

starts at 25:20

Braiden McGregor was the crown jewel of this recruiting class, Michigan beat ND for him. Temper expectations for McGregor in year one because of a knee issue. McGregor often played all over the DL in HS. Aaron Lewis is a Kwitty Paye type DE.

Already a DE logjam going into next year, not a lot of rush for either to play. Kris Jenkins projects to DT as long as he puts on some weight. Michigan hasn’t neglected DT at recruiting, signed two top tier guys last year. Jaylen Harrell was a late pickup, a borderline top 300 edge with good bend in the Uche mold. Michigan chose Harrell over Van Filinger.

Kalel Mullings is a good MLB prospect who has comparisons to Anthony Solomon as a freshman, should play special teams. Osman Savage is a guy that Michigan loved from the first satellite camps. Mohan has a ton of athletic potential who could be the next heir to the Devin Bush/Cam McGrone throne. Senior film for a lot of the linebackers was terrific and reassured Lorenz about a lot of them. Versatility is a theme on defense now.

Jordan Morant has some Khaleke-type tape, Michigan fought hard to hang onto him. RJ Moten is more of a pure safety. Paige is a high floor guy, safe bet to be solid. Andre Seldon is a little short and has been playing both corner and safety, good athlete. If he was two inches taller, he’d be a 5 star, has great coverage instincts. Dorian Green-Warren will commit to a team (Michigan favored) at Army game, should enroll early. 

3. Superlatives, with Adam Schnepp

starts at 52:25

Overall this is an underrated class, with not a ton of big names. Hard to talk recruiting with people that don’t know a lot this year. Adam, Seth, and David go through their picks for biggest whiff, biggest recruiting win, favorite prospect, and more.

4. Five Questions, Five Answers, with Adam Schnepp

starts at 1:19:22

David has to bail for this segment so it’s just Seth and Adam. Michigan seems to be more interested in converting strong side DE’s into DT’s than recruiting DT’s straight up. Michigan needs to beat OSU and make the playoffs to get top tier recruits. Coaching staff seems to be doing more scouting than going after five stars recently. Michigan will probably be okay at QB, may need to rely on a grad transfer at some point. Some great names in the 2021 recruiting class, and Michigan has a 5* QB leading it off.


I've been waiting all year to do this: Ann Arbor native (and friend of the family) Andr Mayer Hawthorne!

  • "Mr. Blue Sky"
  • "The Ills"
  • "The Walk"
  • “Across 110th Street”

If you or a friend made some good tunes and don't have a label out scrubbing for them we'd be happy to feature you.


"That’s when Michigan’s been at their best the last few years, it’s been when they’ve had defensive linemen who were unblockable."

MGoPodcast 11.15: Throwback

MGoPodcast 11.15: Throwback

December 16, 2019

Brian is out so Craig Ross is sitting in for him.

No matter what your strategy is you don't want a guy dropping 44 on ya.

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1. Football

starts at 1:00

On Michigan's side only Nico seems like any shot at a 1st rounder, guys who declared and seniors are expected to play. On Bama's side, Jerry Jeudy said he'll play, and they have three projected first round receivers and eight guys projected in the 1st round who have a choice to make. Tarik Black leaving could mean Nico and DPJ are leaning toward staying? Receivers of the future: we'll see but Michigan can use their slots more.

Don Brown interviewed for BC job, went to OSU's DC (not Matty) so what happens with Mattison?

2. Louisville, Iowa, and Illinois

starts at 26:52

UL was a schedule loss: forced Teske to make threes or long two's with high hedges. Counterintuitive to blitz X because he's not a great shooter. Someone else with athletes will try this. Iowa: highest-scoring Big Ten regulation game since 2002. Michigan is balanced; Iowa is not because Michigan and Iowa both had the same gameplan. 44 points by Garza: an arena record? You coach to the game. Illinois: Michigan doesn't hit their threes, Kofi Cockburn is a problem. Lewis Garrison literally knocked out of this one; other two refs clearly capable of doing a better job with him off the court.

3. Hot Takes and Oregon

starts at 59:42

David's hot take voice is extremely British. Craig thought the Oregon game was one of the loudest ever. Craig advocates for a huge lineup with Johns & Franz with Livers at the 2. Impressed by Pritchard, who's the first guy to run X off the line. Two insanely long reviews.

4. Expectations

starts at 1:36:32

Johns could be a season-changer. Brooks's floater game isn't so efficient that you can discount DDJ taking more of his minutes down the line. Castleton is falling out of rotation as they find something they want in Johns. Trip around the Big Ten: Minnesota and Penn State are going to be tough to beat on the road, Ohio State looks like a real #1 thanks to Wesson.

  • "Tell Them You Can't Leave"—The Amazing
  • "Woods"—Time Fading Lines
  • "Getting Better"–Twin Peaks
  • “Across 110th Street”