MGoPodcast 10.22: That’s a Technical Sir

February 18, 2019

Here's not looking at you, kid.

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1. Maryland

(starts at 1:00)

Michigan ruined Fernando in the first quarter; Teske's defense was scrumtrulescent. His shot: not so much, but you gotta keep taking those. He might be hurt a little because his form looked off and he kept shorting them. Poole on a run of bad thruck. DeJulius! Don't look now but Michigan's free throw shooting in conference play puts them in the 82nd percentile among Big Ten teams since 2006. X unearthed the ghost of Spike Albrecht, is a sidearm pitcher now.

2. Penn State

(starts at 25:50)

The saving grace of this game is that none of our Penn State friends saw it. Beilein gets booted for a three-finger salute. A lot of being down in that game was dumb luck, where PSU had open threes off scrums and rebounded airballs, and shot 80% on other two's. Teske was playing don't-get-fouls ball. X getting hacked badly in the lane all game, also had an uncharacteristic four turnovers. Nobody for Matthews to erase on Penn State, but some uncharacteristic Michigan defensive breakdowns.

3. Around the Big Ten

(starts at 45:45)

Rutgers rampage ended by the least probable shot in the history of corn grower basketball. This conference is all knives: put Penn State in the America East and they'd be a popular 12 seed. Even IU is still hanging onto a seed thanks to a win at Breslin. What was PSU thinking when they made Bryce-Jordan twice the size of their best turnout?

4. Hockey Oversigning

(starts at 1:01:48)

How many can they fit into this class? Michigan probably has six spots for 12 to 16 commits who say they're coming in 2019, and the 2020 class is even more loaded. The whole hockey world seems upside down, and the small hockey programs, who desire 20-year-old freshmen and silly unattended playoff venues, are in control and running things against what's best for the game and the athletes.


  • "Killing Me Softly"—Fugees
  • "You're the Reason I'm Leaving"—Franz Ferdinand
  • "People Got A Lotta Nerve"—Neko Case
  • “Across 110th Street”

WTKA Roundtable 2/14/2018: Worked Up for Mr. Rogers

February 14, 2019

Where have you gone Ted Valentine, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

Things discussed:

  • Stevens took 11 shots vs. Teske for 7 points. In the first half they were getting him matched on Iggy and Stevens was doing the lean thing.
  • "They need to go to a zone" and other dumb things announcers say.
  • Michigan forgot their scouting report on Dredd for some reason
  • B1G officiating: Junkers replaced Steratore, disagree on Teddy V
  • What did Beilein say?
  • Surprised it was Penn State, not the Wisconsin game that turned John B into a volcano
  • The shooting and specifically Jordan Poole—how to get him out of this slump
  • Why the press is particularly effective against Michigan, which likes to have time to run their sets
  • Help from the bench?
  • Maryland preview, who's going to cover Fernando when Teske's out?
  • Why aren't refs accountable like everyone else on the court?
  • Michigan hockey, Brian Kelly, want to fast forward: 2020 is really the first Mel class.
  • People that Kyler Murray is shorter than

MGoPodcast 10.21: Daddy Said Fudge

February 11, 2019

I could tell from your tweet about this that you were pretty upset about it.

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1. Wisconsin with a W

starts at 1:00

Happ can’t get a foul called on him. Brad Davison has changed block/charge calls in the Big Ten. Happ got worn down after 60 percent usage—beat up Teske then couldn’t even push X around late. Michigan’s defense was amazing. First reason Michigan won was Teske, second was Matthews making shots late. Iggy has an allergy to Wisconsin. Haven’t talked about the Teske re-screen in a while.

2. Rutgers with an S

starts at 31:20

They’re not bad: we’d take Baker and Omoruyi, and maybe three or four backup centers. Michigan made their free throws. Rutgers offense is terrible. The pick and pop is great but needs to stop ending with Iggy misses. Brian’s cheezed off that Gonzaga is a 1 seed. Someone would like to destroy your sweater.

3. Football: The New Coaches, New Offense

starts at 46:50

Second straight year Michigan oversigned their coaches and had to slow-motion process a guy. Aside about Drevno. How much of a problem was Pep? How much is Harbaugh going to hand over the offense to Gattis? Buggy Rugs. Throw the ball, and throw it off our run action please.

4. Hockey and USA Soccer

starts at 1:08:05

The icers finally swept a series. If they can sweep Ohio State and Notre Dame to finish the season they might earn a playoff seed? Gotta win the BTT too. Yeah, it’s a longshot. USA soccer did something other than make Americans miserable for the first time in two years. What’s next, and can they build a 4-3 under defense (?!?) out of players who could play in Europe?


  • "Say It Ain’t So"—Weezer
  • "I Don’t Mind Your Cussing"—Hoots & Hellmouth
  • "Pretty Fly for a White Guy"—Offspring
  • “Across 110th Street”

WTKA Roundtable 2/7/2019: The One Where Craig Ross Calls Out Johnny Orr

February 8, 2019

Things discussed:

  • Craig Ross doesn’t jump in and ask John Beilein if Terry Mills was better than Jon Teske
  • The Super Bowl
  • Brad Davison is a garbage player, tried to injure Jordan Murphy this week. Don’t understand why they ref him so badly—if you’ve got a cheater treat him like it
  • Brian’s basketball conspiracy, re Carstenson and Garrison
  • The 2nd call on Teske in Iowa: the worst call of the year
  • Auto-benching, low foul rates, let Poole play
  • John Beilein is the kindest troll
  • Rutgers postgame: some Rutgers press guy says “Wow”
  • Michigan State: Reconsidering loss of Langford
  • X is Jason Kidd statistically; he’s keying the offense.
  • Crossover dribble into a sky hook; has that ever happened before?
  • Pep Hamilton promoted to a beach in Tahiti

The Michigan Hockeycast 1.6: Quinnball Wizards

February 6, 2019

Do you miss your sister?

The Hosts: MGoHockey Correspondent David Nasternak and Las Vegas Knights fan Anthony Ciatti.

This Podcast Has a Sponsor: Michigan Law Grad Jonathan Paul is the guy with the C you want skating next to the ref and pleading your case. He's also a good guy to sit next to at the hockey games.


1. Penn State Series

(starts at 0:50)

Michigan has not tied in 37 days and now Dave is lonely. They have traded draws for splits! The Penn State series was mostly even with teams trading games where they had bad breakdowns. Michigan was the victim of some pretty bad puck luck on Saturday at MSG. The goalie sympathizer defends Hayden Lavigne and we discuss the dynamics of keeping a goalie warm during games. Penn State is fun and unusual, from a hockey sense, and they are appreciated. Michigan ends with a season split with games being mostly even.

2. Minnesota, Takes, and MSU

(starts at 24:08)

Michigan continues their rollercoaster ways with a split in Minneapolis. Minnesota is a flat team and Michigan made them look slow on Friday. Lavigne kept the team in it as the Gophers crept back into it on Friday and Boka put it away. We talk about the power play and special team woes that submarined a sweep on Saturday night, and discuss Quinn Hughes' magic and how he affects games and the team. Minnesota looked like a team who was getting used to a coach when we saw them in December and now they look like a team without any elite talent.

We also talk about where the team is now. Why is their defense not performing to expectations? Why are the special teams not up to par? Dave and Anthony share their frustrations on this front.

We also preview this coming weekend's series against Michigan State, who is now competent and not annoying to play.

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  • NHL 94 Intro Theme
  • Ice Hockey (NES) theme

The Ace Pod 1.2: Narcos In An Imaginary English County with Jane Coaston

February 5, 2019

"I feel like Ja Rule didn’t consult with a lot of people on a lot of things."

Vox Media Senior Politics Reporter and Michigan Twitter legend Jane Coaston was in town to give a talk at U-M and dropped by Ace’s place to discuss whatever they wanted, so long as it was not politics, which was fine, because they didn’t want that whatsoever. The conversation turned mostly to things you can watch on Netflix or Hulu. Language warning, largely because Fyre Festival gets involved.

SEGMENT ONE: SPORTS AND SPITE. No politics! We’re both quite pleased about this. Chris Wormley was a much better bouncer than Morgan Trent theoretically would’ve been. Anyway, basketball: Tom Izzo should be able to convince his players to beat Indiana at home, but he can’t, and to us that makes up for the Iowa loss. Petty points should be factored into NET rating. A Darko/Barkley fight would be amazing. These things are related, trust me. Jane offends UMass listeners. Do we have UMass listeners? Anyway, we don’t fear the Northeast as a region. The amazing power of heat relativity and spring-ish rituals. The power of marriage to prevent one from bad decisions. This seems like enough of a… basketball… segment?

SEGMENT TWO: MIDSOMER MURDERS (17:50). We spend an entire segment discussing a British murder mystery because we can do that. It’s on Netflix! This is not an advertisement unless the BBC wants it to be. Anyway, British gun laws make for spectacularly creative deaths. These people are shockingly bad at dealing with the police considering the absurd local murder rate. Tom Barnaby was maybe not a great husband! Long segue about other British or Australian murder mystery shows and their obscene body counts, as well as the ease of getting away with murder if you were Jack the Ripper. Back to Midsomer Murders: everyone there is awful so many of the murders feel justified. Finally, Jane destroys the “real plot vs twitter bot” quiz.

SEGMENT THREE: GIVE US MORE FYREFEST (42:05). I cannot even begin to describe this segment. Spoiler alerts abound for the Hulu and Netflix Fyrefest documentaries, except something this beautiful cannot be spoiled.


  • Intro: Loyalty Freak Music - “Traveling In Your Mind”
  • “Midsomer Murders Theme”
  • Rage Against The Machine - “Killing In The Name”
  • Blink-182 - “All The Small Things"



MGoPodcast 10.20: Dolan & DeHooleeus

February 3, 2019

I feel it's unfair that Boudreaux looks like a 60-year-old Frenchman

1. Iowa

starts at 00:58

We cede Brian 5 minutes to talk about autobenching and he uses most of it to talk about the ref show. How do you attack a zone with this team, because if you put Iggy in the middle of it you don't have enough shooters. Ready for Castleton to come in when there's a post who's 6'11".

2. Ohio State

starts at 25:43

X's big night is on a higher level than a normal triple-double because there were also no turnovers and a block on Kaleb Wesson that made the center's mom lose her shit. We come up with parenting advice for Mama Wesson, who is certainly lying about getting spat on and will have a hard argument with physics to explain why getting hit by a foam light hurt. Simpson is a cross between Isaiah Thomas (not THAT Isiah) and a center.

3. Indiana

starts at 44:46

They were angry in Bloomington. Whoever draftsa Langford their rival should draft Matthews.

Big Ten: The Tourney Situation, wsg Alex Cook

starts at 56:32

We recorded the IU part before last night obviously. Nebraska is scuffling, Palmer is disappointing. Iowa is in. Grad transfers in the Big Ten this year aren't getting much time on the floor. Purdue has made it past the toughest part of their schedule, have an equal chance to win the Big Ten despite the beginning of the season. Michigan-MSU is still the marquee.


  • "Big Time"—Peter Gabriel
  • "Gotta Get Mine"—MC Breed
  • "Space Song"—Beach House
  • “Across 110th Street”



WTKA Roundtable 1/31/2019: Lyin’ Momma Wesson

February 1, 2019

Things discussed:

  • Craig Ross's wife calls out Terry Mills
  • Sam has never had someone say they had a good experience in Columbus
  • "F—Ohio" lacks cleverness. Michigan can do better.
  • Mama Wesson is a liar.
  • Indiana's self-immolation. Something's up in that locker room.
  • Iggy's shots are vastly better when he doesn't have to create them.
  • Teske's ability to stay on the court vs. Kaleb Wesson's conditioning.
  • Josh Langford loss doesn't hurt MSU.
  • What's wrong with Nebraska: James Palmer is one of the most disappointing guys in the league.
  • We get Ira started on Maryland

The Ace Pod 1.1: I’ve Got So Much To Give

January 30, 2019

Baby, grab me a cigarette

Ace has been bored so he's got some podcasting equipment and been talking to himself.

SEGMENT ONE: A BLOWOUT AND A BROUHAHA. Revisiting last night’s extremely enjoyable Ohio State game. Much praise for Zavier Simpson, obviously. Similar praise for the team’s saltiness and Jon Teske’s defense on Kaleb Wesson. Some concerns about Jordan Poole’s recent play but Michigan is basically going six deep right now.

SEGMENT TWO: SLOW-JAMMING THE FANCYSTATS. I’m so, so sorry for this. After, uh, that is a brief discussion of taunting and its greatness.

SEGMENT THREE: BREAKING UP THE BIG TEN. No, not like that—into tiers. Michigan and MSU are even more out in front than they were before. Only three other teams have positive efficiency margins in Big Ten play, and a lot of the conference is moving in the wrong direction.

SEGMENT FOUR: ON-TOPIC/OFF-TOPIC. In this case, an entirely off-topic discussion of ME/CFS, the PACE Trial, gross cronyism, and… a Dartmouth economist?


  • Intro: "Traveling In Your Mind"—Loyalty Freak Music
  • "Everybody’s Talkin’"—Bill Withers
  • "Funky So-and-So"—The Sugarman 3
  • "Playing Your Game, Baby"—Barry White



The Teams: 1999

January 30, 2019

Michigan historian Dr. Sap and I have started a new podcast on the lore of Michigan football. The plan is to bounce around doing one season per episode, talking about the players, the games, that year's place in the pantheon of Michigan teams, and usually having one segment with a guest.

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It is sponsored by HomeSure Lending. If you're buying or refinancing your home, this is the guy to talk to. He'll work on your loan directly and walk you through a process that can get really confusing really fast. He did my loan, Brian's loan, and a lot of MGoBlog readers' loans.


1. The Setup: Brady or Henson

starts at the beginning

Now two years removed from a championship team and in Year 2 of the most touted freshman class in school history, do they go with the stud sophomore with all the talent in the world or the backup from '97 with the intangibles? A review of the college football landscape. Also the K-Mart incident from inside.

2. The Season

starts at 0:23:09

We go through the games and the great moments, like Troy Nunes running around without an escape, David Terrell at cornerback, stuffing Ron Dayne, the comeback at Penn State, and of course beating Ohio State and Alabama to end the season.

3. Interview with WLB Ian Gold

starts at 1:04:24

How he found out he's playing defense. The speed of the linebacking corps. The Orange Bowl. Toughest opponent they faced? Who knew Tom Brady was going to be the GOAT? Jim Herrmann deployed a 3-3-5 to beat Drew Brees and Purdue. Penn State and the "best linebackers in the history of college football" and how the chopped liver felt about being the underdogs. Similarities between Don Brown's defense and the one Ian played in. Gold talks about celebrity culture around modern players and how that distracts players from how good they could be.

4. Wrap

starts at 1:35:08

Offensive and defensive MVPs: Seth talks about the design of the defense and how they used Dhani Jones to solve their option problem. Greatest moment: The Brady comeback, Alabama missing the extra point, or time running out on Ohio State?

  • “Across 110th Street”
  • Clips from Dr. Sap's Archives