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WTKA Roundtable 8/4/2022: An End to Sweatpants

WTKA Roundtable 8/4/2022: An End to Sweatpants

August 4, 2022

Things discussed:

  • Mel/Wilmer Hale report: Why haven't they fired him already? Craig: report says to investigate more. Brian/Seth: the time for that was done over a month ago.
  • Football camp: we're looking at the linebackers, outside and inside and hybrid and nickel. Need to see an edge who can pass rush; interested what happens with McGregor. ILBs have to get over being young at a very hard position, NHG came along last year, when they let Josh Ross make the decisions and whichever kid followed. Depth is a real issue. Sainristil: hard to take it seriously when other nickel candidates—Moore/McBurrows/Berry—weren't available.
WTKA Roundtable 7/28/2022: The Michigan State Drill

WTKA Roundtable 7/28/2022: The Michigan State Drill

July 28, 2022
  • Zayden High: on campus right now and blowing up. Isaiah Livers but Tall? YES PLEASE!
  • Big Ten Media Days: Kevin Warren is talking about how exciting it is that our teams will be playing at 11pm. We didn't get to talk about Jim Harbaugh's annual "You didn't check with us, did you?" comment about the Big Ten itself signing an NIL deal with its players.
  • Harbaugh's defense optimism with the No Names. He's talking about the Ravens Amoeba stuff that they didn't have to do last year because why have Ojabo or Hutchinson drop into coverage when you can just rush them? They should be able to get more varied in the secondary however because they don't have the slow guys they have to protect in zone. Play Cover Zero and you can make up some nasty blitzes.
  • Don't underrate how good Mike-Mo is going to be, also don't underrate how good Hutch was.
  • What is with this fanbase and forgetting Roman Wilson? Brian: He's kind of the Steve Breaston in all of this.
  • Cade vs JJ: Cade is a better QB than people credit him. Improvement there is hitting digs instead of checking down. Washington got to him—next time that happens McCarthy takes the wheel, because his running ability brings so much to the run game.
  • Craig: Do we have too many guys? Seth: No that's called a Team.
  • OL: If Sherrone gets improvement from the team that won the Joe Moore they should rename it the Sherrone Moore. Could they? Vastardis was great at getting them organized. Trente Jones is tracking towards being a good one.
  • Tuck Comin'? More worried that he's a Duffy than than a Dantonio. MSU is on the cutting edge of recruiting from other teams' rosters, pay to play, and Michigan is on the other end.
WTKA Roundtable 7/21/2022: The Good Cop

WTKA Roundtable 7/21/2022: The Good Cop

July 21, 2022

Things discussed:

  • Remembering Gary Moeller: major part of Michigan's modernization (a wide receiver won the Heisman!), was the good cop, vastly unappreciated, especially for his time as an assistant. Needed one break.
  • Football predictions: Ohio State is on their own tier, Michigan is on their own tier after that, worried about trips to Iowa (because of Kinnick) and a visit from Maryland because they have great receivers versus our much younger secondary.
  • SEC/ACC Media Days: coaches don't like NIL? NCAA has an opportunity here to create a system that benefits their game but the individual schools are just trying to do whatever helps them (except Michigan). Use this to stop guys from going to the draft early and not playing in bowl games.
  • Big Ten Hoops: Indiana? Illinois-Michigan? MSU is going into the season with 9 guys, which is good because then Izzo will only play ten of them. Bigs are going to have a lot more fun now that some of the centers are gone. Purdue will find a PG.
  • Hockey nonconference: fine. Good that they dumped the GLI because they can't field a team when Juniors take away half their roster.
  • International trip: good chance to get together.
MGoPodcast 13.27: Should I Be Kicking a Field Goal?

MGoPodcast 13.27: Should I Be Kicking a Field Goal?

July 18, 2022

1 hour and 10 minutes

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1. Remembering Gary Moeller

starts at 1:00

Welcome to a very special mid-summer podcast which starts out with a discussion of the corn in France. Brian and Seth reflect on the sad passing of Gary Moeller, who passed away last week at the age of 81. Gary was a very important step in the modernization of Michigan football, particularly the offense, and left the program in such a state when he left that they were able to win a national championship in two years. Listen to the "coach's audio" of Desmond's 4th and 1 against Notre Dame in which Gary Moeller asks a very important question. Rest in peace, Gary.

[The rest of the writeup and the player after THE JUMP]

2. Big Ten Expansion

starts at 13:44

Hello USC and UCLA, welcome to the Big Ten? These teams have not really dominated their conference since the Pete Carroll days but this is a huge financial blow to the PAC-[10]/[12]. Should the Big Ten just go for 20 teams? Also what does this do for the actual fan experience? Going to play UCLA in the Rose Bowl every once in a while is fun but Seth misses just playing Illinois (editor's note: I also miss playing Purdue). Maybe the Big Ten should just do away with non-conference games and do a 12-game schedule. What was the point of scheduling UCLA for this season if they're just going to cancel it (the game that got replaced with Hawaii)? If you could add four more teams, who would you pick?

3. Recruiting

starts at 33:37

The 2023 recruiting class is trending from disastrous to generically disappointing. Feels like some position groups are not getting the treatment they should be getting and that is hurting commitments. It also does not help that Jim Harbaugh was flirting with the NFL and the staff is not taking full advantage of NIL possibilities. This incoming recruiting class has very long arms. 

4. Hot Takes and Coaching

starts at 50:53

Takes so hot they could be the temperatures in continental Europe right now (everyone's hot takes voice is a bit rusty). Time for performance-based conference relegation shuffles at the end of every season?? Tracy Smith is the new baseball coach. Brian dives into Tracy's past and what it means for the future. He had a lot of success at Indiana but not much success at Arizona State - Alex cites locker room and culture issues at Arizona State (which may have been more of an Arizona State problem than a Tracy Smith problem). Mel Pearson still does not have a contract and the report on his investigation is what is holding it up.


  • "Rhymes Like Dimes"--MF DOOM
  • "PBR with girlhouse"--PBR
  • "Stars"—Dehd
  • "Next to Normal"--Lucius
WTKA Roundtable 7/14/2022: Santa Ono’s Curling Team

WTKA Roundtable 7/14/2022: Santa Ono’s Curling Team

July 14, 2022

Things discussed:

  • We flaked completely and didn't talk about Moeller, who was supposed to be the top of the hour. We'll make it up, because as soon as we got off air we realized there's probably an entire hour of stuff we wanted to talk about there.
  • Welcome Santa Ono! He's not going to suddenly change NIL; he does seem likely to be a guy with a more long-term vision during a period of huge transitions, and could help them with the transfer problem. Michigan is an old institution with a lot of institutional momentum; you're not going to change everything about it in a week.
  • Baseball assistants reviews.
  • Three new linemen: Really like the two ends—these are the kinds of guys Michigan's been winning with.
  • Acheampong: we like guys you need to teach football because they don't have bad habits.
  • Etta specifically: remember when they turned down Justice Finkley? They didn't turn down Etta—he has the length they're looking for to play outside->in.
  • Herring: Michigan sees him as a guard only and they need tackles, but you don't turn down a guy like that.
  • Sam: In good shape with Nyckoles Harbor because he can stay a receiver here and therefore keep doing track.
  • Hoops talk: Big Ten lost a lot of centers, IU and Illinois (also needs a center) look tough, but high floor for Michigan with Hunter and a ton of spacing. Lose a lot on defense, but they have shooting at the 1 and 4 to make up for it on the other end. Kobe Bufkin is the mother of all X-factors. Llewellyn comp: Jones or Smith? Seth: This is the year we're going to say "Frankie, what were you THINKING?!?"
  • Hockeytalk: Looks like they're going to keep Mel, recruiting still going well, couple more 1st rounders. Also a high floor with the best goalie but too much youth to be a 1 seed.
WTKA Roundtable 7/7/2022: The Marquess of Queensberry

WTKA Roundtable 7/7/2022: The Marquess of Queensberry

July 7, 2022

Things discussed:

  • On early: Michigan's no pay for play approach is hurting them in recruiting, and they don't need to friggin' say it!
  • Seth: Michigan is fundamentally wrong: It's not like these guys haven't been working on football their whole lives. They are valuable because they *make* themselves valuable.
  • USC/UCLA expansion: There's no honor among these thieves.
  • Further expansion? UNC/Duke? Washington-Oregon won't pull their weight, weirdly. ND is the obvious choice, and has always been.
  • The power brokers are the networks. Fox and Disney are running the shows.
  • Grant of Rights protects the ACC: If someone leaves they can't bring their value together.
  • Realpolitik changes who's valuable. Weird that SEC doesn't seem to want Clemson or FSU or Miami as much as Duke/UNC.
  • Baseball's new coach: Was good at IU, probably didn't play well with Baseball Parents. Michigan baseball players are kind of the opposite extreme of the kind of players you have to get at ASU. They'll lose the top of the recruiting class, but MLB is the bigger danger for a lot of those guys. What they need is a guy who can develop pitching, because nobody does that.
  • Yo Yo! Youssef Khayat might get them that extra defense but probably can't be an impact guy right away. They need guards.
WTKA Roundtable 6/23/2022: The Lithuanian Boxer from 1950

WTKA Roundtable 6/23/2022: The Lithuanian Boxer from 1950

June 23, 2022

Things discussed:

  • Re: Bakich, Sam says Seth was right, Seth says Seth was wrong, or at least needs to amend his comments on summer baseball: Semi-Pro ball is a big deal to the baseball world. Replacing a 100-year-old structure may be a good idea, but it's a very BIG idea and would take a massive risk of the kind that the Big Ten won't ever take.
  • Baker: Just a Houstan™, but that's something we needed. Set shooter, fills a spot as a backup 2 or 3, was a top-40 recruit so if his hip heals okay he should be an alright defender of 3s. Was on a great offense so okay that he was only 10 min/game at Duke.
  • Emoni Bates: The kind of guy Howard protects you from, because he's seen the circus and won't make the same mistake most coaches do. They just lost Frankie Collins to a down move because of a shitty parent. Not actually a good basketball player.
  • Youssef: All in favor, good shooting stroke, has skill, can be a Franz lite. Can we win a Zoom recruitment?
  • Dug: Best passer at Michigan since? Seth: Makes sense, since Howard probably saw he has two guys named Howard on the roster, and sorted the 247 rankings by best passer.
  • Football recruiting: Do we panic? No. Do we worry? Yes. Sam's starting to believe Dante Moore is more likely to go to Oregon now. If you're chasing Michigan State you have a problem. Michigan's new tack sounds like a morality play and is going to blow up in their faces. Players have value to their institutions before they play: they have earned it.
  • The players create themselves more than the coaches. Michigan has a good talent evaluation program but so does Notre Dame, and they will get in on these guys too. Hassan Haskins was a great player in high school—the system is getting better at identifying those guys.
  • Off-air: This NIL approach is exactly like what got Michigan to fall behind in the 1950s. Oosterbaan and Crisler thought they had a solid program because they won in '47 and '48, and didn't figure out until it was way too late that they really were missing a major shift in CFB history and allowing MSU, OSU, and ND to thrive when Michigan should have dominated the early TV era.
WTKA Roundtable 6/9/2022: Raw Team Fight

WTKA Roundtable 6/9/2022: Raw Team Fight

June 9, 2022

Things discussed:

  • Baseball gets robbed: L'ville got six outs in the 8th inning to come back. NCAA is so committed to amateurism they're using local fanboys as umps. Craig lays out his grand conspiracy.
  • Michigan losing on bad officiating, for some reason, is always couch-burning affair in East Lansing.
  • Keeping Eric 'Fire' Bakich: No argument he's the perfect guy for Michigan, but Michigan is in a mid-major conference.
  • Seth: $1.3 million/year in college baseball is Saban to LSU. If Clemson is going to throw money at him to build a rival to UNC, the only way to match that is to commit to changing the paradigm.
  • Sam: Can Michigan Kim Barnes-Arico this? Seth: The difference is you can build a national contender at Michigan in the current WBB landscape; you can't do that with a Big Ten baseball team when you only get three weeks to play home games and 12 scholarships to spread around the roster.
  • The system has to change, and Michigan has to lead. Baseball/softball right now is set up for UCF to have more advantages than Michigan or Notre Dame. The early season tournaments and May tournament are terrible for baseball—even teams in the lower Midlands are screwed by January baseball.
  • Where is Kevin Warren? He should be livid. He should be pulling the Big Ten out of the NCAA.
  • If you let Bakich go, you're conceding you're mid-major. Guess what: We are, unless we change that now. Let's have BASEBALL in this country!
  • CJ Carr to Notre Dame: Michigan lost their momentum by losing both coordinators and Courtney Morgan, and having Harbaugh put proof to the rivals' constant refrain that he doesn't want to be here. The turnover is a feature of the program, and it holds them back.
  • Courtney Morgan is a bigger loss than CJ Carr; this makes Dante Moore more likely.
  • Seth questions whether Mike Hart and Denard Robinson are able to do their jobs, but takes it back: How can they when they haven't been in those positions?
  • Michigan's back-end recruiting was excellent in 2022, though Sam points out a lot of those wins (Dent, Spurlock, Berry) were Courtney Morgan; front-end recruiting is where they're falling behind.
  • Morgan: Wasn't just money. DeBoer was a close friend who made him his right hand man; he wasn't going to be Harbaugh's right hand man.
WTKA Roundtable 6/2/2022: Somebody Believes in Me

WTKA Roundtable 6/2/2022: Somebody Believes in Me

June 2, 2022

Things discussed:

  • Craig has a Nadal take.
  • Baseball: bats came alive in the tournament.
  • Joe Stewart: Makes Sparties so mad. Team came together when MSU threw at his head and they (and he) responded.
  • We do NOT trust the pitching. Good news: it's a hitter's regional. Louisville and Oregon are bat teams. So is everyone in the Big Ten save Iowa.
  • Rutgers got hosed. Kevin Warren would have said something if it was Ohio State.
  • Willie Weiss: Bakich's theory on his pitching turnaround is he overloaded his credits.
  • "MICHIGAN CHEATERS!"? Dude, he faced 2 batters. Also: it's baseball. Yankee fans are still mad about Kenny Rogers, but nobody else clutches their pearls over this. He's just bad at hiding it; give him a few years in the Astros farm system and he'll be better at hiding it.
  • Anyone else think the balls were hopping off the bats in Omaha? A couple of those homers were fly ball swings.
  • Michigan hoops: Need a 4, unless TW can improve his defense, or Jett is there. He'll be more active than Houstan; dirty secret is neither guy staying in the draft was
  • Craig's hot take: Caleb Houstan is Kam Chatman.
  • NIL and bigs: These guys are valuable in college like they're not in the NBA, and their personalities can shine here too. Helps less with the 5-star one-and-done types, because (see: Diabate, Houstan) they have to cash in now, and their freshman years are not as valuable as what they'll become.
  • Changes how we think Michigan should replace recruiting.
  • Softball: Why are their best players leaving? Is it competitiveness, or (Seth says) they have a big class coming in that they recruited pre-pandemic, and just 12 scholarships.
WTKA Roundtable 5/26/2022: The University of Werner Heisenberg

WTKA Roundtable 5/26/2022: The University of Werner Heisenberg

May 26, 2022

Things discussed:

  • Big Ten rescheduling: Not in favor of replays, don't need the divisions but better that than replays. Absolutely gross to play Michigan-Ohio State in an antiseptic NFL stadium one week after The Game.
  • Seth: No replays ever. If you lost to a team in the playoffs, you're out of the playoffs (sorry, Georgia).
  • Conspiracy: Ohio State was about to be locked in with Wisconsin; if it's not unfair Ohio State thinks it's not fair.
  • Showcase, Showcase, Showcase! You ALWAYS get the best games.
  • NIL: Once this gets normalized it should be okay for Michigan, but they're being way too careful about following the intent of a rule that had no intent other than to not get sued.
  • Sam: What if players want what the other player got? Seth: We figured this out already.
  • Sam throws cold water on us. Michigan is intent on living in a world that nobody else is in.
  • It's already pay for play. Look at the Fortnite ad: Nobody was like "Ooh, I'm gonna go play Fortnite" they're like "Hell yeah, my boy Roman Wilson is getting paid!"
  • It's true that the system, especially the transfer portal is out of control.
  • Hockey: Craig thinks they're going to be *BETTER* this year? Brian disagrees: they're going to be kids, set back to the 2-year cycle.
  • Hobey for Hughes? He'll be the best player in college hockey, but that's rarely who wins the Hobey.
  • Softball: Read Alex's column. Short version: Hutch has to adapt again. She has before!
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