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Ace Pod 1.7: The Thinking and the Logic

September 16, 2019

Pitt apparently had precisely two plays they thought could work on the opponent’s one-yard line. And they didn’t work.

The Ace Pod now has a sponsor! Thank you to the law offices of E. Jason Blankenship, whose website is now fully armed and operational.

This week’s mailbag discusses:

  • Unpleasant victories (“no disrespect to Akron”)
  • Pinpointing why we are the way we are (it’s The Game, guys)
  • The possibilities of a 2QB formation (trash it)
  • Reasons for hope with the offense (many, in my opinion)
  • Which announcing team is the best we can hope for right now (it’s bleak out there)
  • How to get a good picture of a dog (cut loose)
  • A quick health update (progress!)

But before all that, I dig into Pat Narduzzi’s lengthy defense of attempting a field goal from the one-yard line with five minutes left in a seven-point game. While he succeeded in getting his defense on the field, that may not be the victory he believes it is. #NardDogg4MSU


"Choking on a Piece of Meat, Pt. 2"—The Poets of Rhythm

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