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MGoPodcast 11.11: The Michigan State Beat

November 10, 2019

Say something to the alums and students and former players about the future of the program.


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1. Basketball

starts at 1:00

Recapping a Sparty No! for the ages. From the 4th and 16 pass to Illinois's version of Nico Collins, to keeping an obviously concussed Lewerke on the field for a pick six, to extending Illinois on 4th down by tackling their receiver in the end zone.

Hoops vs Appalachian State. Nunez is a great shoo—oh he committed another foul. Wings: thin until Wagner can play. Ivory Towers lineup and three guard lineup tested. Eli Brooks more like Three-li Brooks: confident and can run the offense! Concern is for people who haven't seen Zavier Simpson play the last three seasons. Livers not off the dribble. Teske! Looked like a murderpost for the first half. Using his passing, saving his energy with the new pick & roll defense? Michigan going to try to draw fouls again! Around the league: Purdue looks interesting, Maryland looks talented as hell but going from watching Purdue play offense to Maryland is jarring.

2. Gimmicky Top Fives: Sparty No!

starts at 32:45

Get your piss hot.

3. Hot Takes and Hockey

starts at 55:16

It's an ECAC team out there right now. Pastas sending pucks on net and they're not going in. Defense looks organized. Fixed some of the things that needed to be fixed, except the power play. Don't yet have the talent to be the team they want to, and don't have the experience to be a good not talented team. Next year there's going to be some totally rad dudes.

4. Around the Big Ten wsg Jamie Mac

starts at 1:19:03

A very validating Row the Boat performance: Tanner Morgan has his second-best game of the year, with Sean Clifford going almost toe to toe (three interceptions, 23 more attempts, one more yard). Can't count Purdue right now. Need to talk about David Bell, who's kind of a dude already. John L. Smith and Brady Hoke were better in their last four years than MSU. They're running arc read. Brian Ferentz invented the quarterback draw. Ohio State conspiracies: Chase Young gets suspended, he's from Maryland, and Young's DeMatha HC is a Maryland assistant; corroborated by onside kicks and more running up the score.


  • "Scythian Empire"—Andrew Bird
  • "Horizon to Cliff"—Built to Spill
  • "The W.A.N.D."–The Flaming Lips
  • “Across 110th Street”

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