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MGoPodcast 11.14: I’m Here to Serve

December 1, 2019

Fair warning: this is 80% basketball.

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1. The Game

starts at 1:00

One of the most frustrating things about this Game is the guys making the mistakes were the upperclassmen who dominated in their roles all season. Why have a defense? Sad field goals? Ain't gonna fire Jim Harbaugh because he's going to keep putting out S&P+ top ten teams. Ain't gonna fire Don Brown because he's one of the best. Josh Gattis looks like a keeper. Jon Runyan survived against Jon Runyan. We're never going to beat Ohio State until the system changes. Pay the damn players already.

2. The Battle for Atlantis: ISU and UNC

starts at 13:15

They should not play in this tournament again; surprised nobody got hurt when there's random water appearing all over the place. Are long twos good, because Michigan is forcing its opponents to take all of them. ISU: Wagner looks like another big out there, shot looks good. UNC: A beating, even with Michigan's two biggest stars fouling out with over 5 minutes left. Michigan's turnover-forced rate is terrible because they're forcing teams to dribble into two range then shoot. Also this was the Eli game (24 points on 16 shot equivalents). NBA thinking: if you have an isolation advantage go get it.

3. The Battle for Atlantis: Gonzaga

starts at 36:55

House money until they get a five-point lead and then it's on. X has changed his shot so it gets out quicker and he's still making them. Changes the offense that he can go to the paint either way too. Multiple times this year we've been furious about turnovers and then they put up a graphic and Michigan's above average. Wish we had redshirted him so we could see what he'd develop next year. Tired Teske: logged a lot of minutes and still managed to play good defense. Wagner's length was a huge problem for the Zags. Also he's as expressive as his brother when he gets a bad call.

Refs: Zaga was fine until the flagrant that wasn't. UNC was getting calls on flops; the one on DDJ when Cole Anthony jumped under him was atrocious.

Brooks was 1 of 6 from two but they were decent late-clock shots and a runner. Best case scenario for this season was DDJ or Brooks is starter-caliber and they both are. Brooks: still acts like a role player, just his role is assassin. Haven't seen Juwan's team increase ORebs from Beilein, suspect the 2-3 zone was from Phil Martelli.

4. Hot Takes and the Big Ten.

starts at 1:05:33

Going into the season it looked like MSU and the field. Michigan could beat Louisville and be #1 in the AP, not that rankings matter. Ohio State are also playing like contenders. Maryland is not. Purdue is too weird. In both of MSU's losses they doubled Winston until he gets the ball to Tillman and make him shoot outside. Rocket Watts: terrible start, Foster Loyer is unplayable. IU resurgence: not worried if their best player can be matched by Teske. Wisconsin is looking like what we thought Wisconsin would, and Reuvers is trying to do the Happ thing. Rutgers is a top 75 team; they're not good but they're not going to be the worst in the conference by far. Speaking of: Nebraska is abject. Northwestern too, but beat Providence. Louisville: terrifying on paper, blew out some barely top-100 teams. Juwan Howard: so…

  • "If This Tour Doesn't Kill You, I Will"—PUP
  • "NBA On NBC Theme"
  • "Basketball"–Kurtis Blow
  • “Space Jam Theme Song”—Quad City DJs

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