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MGoPodcast 11.18: Broken J’s

January 26, 2020

Enjoy Rutgers Basketball this year because they're having our season.

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1. Illinois and Bad Luck vs. Michigan

starts at 1:00

I'm not even mad, I'm impressed that they keep missing these threes. Michigan had just 2 turnovers, won the OREBs by five. Debate between the everything is explainable and some things are random people. Eli, Johns are like Mo's three: if the first goes down we have it tonight. Michigan during this skid has been the 350th team in college basketball at threes. X did not attempt one. Two-for-one possessions. Sick of getting just random off-the-dribble mastery by 25% shooters when our 40%ers can't hit a wide open catch and shoot three.

2. Penn State and Bad Luck vs. Michigan

starts at 23:32

Michigan was 2/20 on catch-and-shoot threes (the ones you want), in this game. Myles Dread is getting ice cream of the future, weird and-ones, Curtis Jones has the game of his college career, because life is crazy like that. Is there a guy on their roster with peg leg? That guy's going off.

3. Hot Takes and Wide View

starts at 36:44

Dave's ringtone is just a choking sound. Delete the three point line. How mad are we about this season? Not very: this was a fragile team that lost Iggy and Poole and its coach and therefore couldn't afford to lose Livers. Things that tie to coaching point up from preseason expectations. Recruiting better than best-case scenario. Bags? Christopher is a guy who has cachet that Isaiah Todd does not—Todd you're catching in the early part of his development while Christopher is a 5-star because he's an immediate dude in college. Also: Hunter Dickinson, who's Teske. Williams projects as a four-year guy whom the other schools are always like "When is this guy gonna leave?" after he gets a critical offensive rebound again. Enjoy Rutgers Basketball this year because they're having our season.

4. Ace's Hockey Podcast

starts at 1:12:06

Old Fashioned road three points: 6-0 win and then a penalty-crazy Saturday. Significantly outplayed Penn State in the first game, got that pugilistic second game. They don't have the shooting or luck so their low shooting % was killing them—it's like going against a better goalie than Strauss Mann every game. Get even luck and they're a top of the Big Ten team, and that's what happened against Penn State and Notre Dame. Tying goal by PSU was such bad luck. They're good in Corsi, not giving up bad goals, generating good looks, don't have dangerous scorers and that's a weakness. Too late probably for this year but trending up for when the cavalry arrives. US game: watching Thomas Bordeleaux, who's gonna be a creator, but isn't flashy.

  • "I Miss You"—Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes
  • "The Big Three Killed My Baby"—The White Stripes
  • "There is a Valley"–Bill Fay
  • “Across 110th Street”

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