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MGoPodcast 11.21: The Beilein Surge

February 17, 2020

Juwan Howard, play me more minutes, or I will destroy you!

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1. Hoops vs Indiana

starts at 1:00

Archie Miller: great basketball coach! All those dunks and layups all come from sticking to this insane strategy of high hedging vs X, even after Michigan had 41 points because of it at halftime. Everyone except the centers had a 128+ and after Franz they're all in 140. IU's three-big lineup leads to Michigan going zone. That Davis guy went 9/9, with more than half of them garbage buckets. Brandon Johns is like a cornerback with closing speed: closing feet!

2. Hoops vs Northwestern

starts at 26:21

When you can get Dikembe Mutumbo and World Wide Wes to Welsch-Ryan Arena, you have basketball pull. Leads to a discussion of bag, and hopefully NIL comes soon so it's moot. Chicago's Big Ten Team looked like they didn't care except that one backup center canning uncanny jumpers. Pete Nance looks so sad.

Some Big Ten: Greatest Michigan State Floor Slap of all time: turned around a 6.4% win chance. What is there to love about PSU's offense? They don't turn the ball over? Iowa had a once in a generation collection and half of it got hurt; good news is they're all back next year.

3. Hot Takes and Hockey

starts at 55:18

Best Michigan State coach in five years, tournament seeding. Accessible five-holes. Children of Yost showed out for the MSU series at Munn! A bunch of them got a photo with Izzo.

4. Baseball and the NonRevs

starts at 1:17:43

Greatest week of non-revenue (and baseball) in recent Michigan history. Beat #1 Vandy and #3 ASU (we cherrypicked from polls) to start 3-0. Not going to have the pitching this year but very athletic outfield. WBB was climbing but got hit with a lot of injuries, including one to their star. Team goes where Naz, turnover battle goes. Men's tennis went on the road and was trucking people. Gymnastics is good: we need Jane for the gymnastics knowledge. Softball is 9-0, first-ever hit for a sophomore is a grand slam walk-off.  

  • "Burn On—Major League Movie Theame"—Randy Newman
  • "Repetition"—TV On the Radio
  • "Wild Pack of Family Dogs"—House of Pain
  • “Across 110th Street”