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MGoPodcast 11.22: Serious Irrational Confidence Guy

February 23, 2020

Don't change your hair late season, unless you become Zavier Simpson with a shot

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1. Hoops vs Purdue

starts at 1:00

Matt Painter goes full Tom Izzo for 2 and a half minutes, including a foul with 6 seconds left. Before foul time they were 15/40 on two's, 4/16 on threes includes the late one. Playing Williams straight-up with Davis worked: he's 5/16 before nonsense time. Thread of dig-downs made him pick up his dribble. Return games (nisi ref job at Iowa) have been much better strategically. Hot hand effect: Purdue goes under X and gets away with it, but the rest of the guys had beautiful assists too. DDJ, Franz coming on, Franz is two days younger and far ahead of where Caris was at this point of his career.

2. Hoops vs Rutgers

starts at 27:30

The Castletoning but first Nunez runs to the corner on a break. Pikiell has to drop the P&R coverage he wanted because X hit his first two. Michigan can win games vs tournament teams on the road without shooting well from three. Return of Teske's defense. Jacob Young why are you talking? Remarkable stat line. Jalen Rose hanging on Eli Brooks.

3. Hot Takes and a Gimmicky Top Five

starts at 45:55

Eli: rock the Rip Hamilton mask from here out.

4. Hockey vs. ND

starts at 1:18:24

I'm sorry I have my kid's birthday to get to and this was a miserable weekend that wasn't reflective of the effort.

  • "Come Together"—Syl Johnson
  • "Sabotage"—Beastie Boys
  • "Knock Knock Knock"—Spoon
  • “Across 110th Street”

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