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MGoPodcast 12.14 : Not a Reason for the Season

December 20, 2020

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1. Across the Crooked Blue Line, wsg Steve Lorenz of 247

starts at 1:00

Steve wants to be like J.J. McCarthy when I grow up. TJ Guy could be a 10-year pro at OL, McBurrows underrated because he may be too small to play in the pros. Finishing:s still look good for Rayshaun Benny, who was Michigan head-to-toe until they lost to MSU. Rooks probably isn't an option. They have a 6'8"/235 potential edge guy from Brother Rice who may get some real offers. Ceyair Wright stars as LeBron's son; we're hoping he's more interested in Michigan Business School than USC Film School.

The rest of the writeup and the player after The Jump]

2. Across the Crooked Blue Line Pt 2: The 2022s

starts at 24:26

All eyes on the two five-star cornerbacks that Michigan has a legit chance with. Lots of other cornerback options out there as well, especially once you include all the athletes who could play running back or receiver or safety. We also run through the 2022 in-state class.

3. Hot Takes, Basketball Around the Big Ten

starts at 50:49

We're more scared of Wisconsin, less afraid of Iowa, more impressed with Rutgers, and unmoved by three point luck.

4. Gimmicky Top Five Best Advice for New Parents

starts at 1:35:35

Brian went with parenting rules in general while I believed the prompt was what it says on the tin and suggested things first-timers need to know, like put your newborn in a laundry basket in the middle of your bed, not a bassinet, not a drawer. Seriously, the laundry basket. You won't tip it over in the middle of the night like you would the $60 Bed, Bath & Beyond thing that is basically a pretty laundry basket. You can use it to transport the little creature as it sleeps. It can sense both parents nearby, so it won't panic at noises. And those times you do have to wake up and do something about it, you don't have to leave a warm blanket.


  • “Tomorrow Never Knows"—801
  • “California Dreaming”—Bobby Womack
  • “Kids with Guns”—Gorillaz
  • “Across 110th Street”

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