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MGoPodcast 12.19: Stops

January 24, 2021

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1. The Shutdown

starts at 1:00

Two weeks(?) without Michigan athletics because somebody wasn’t quarantined after coming home from the U.K. We discuss why it was necessary to shut down, how it went down, and how it might play out. We’re just baffled that this failure was allowed to happen.

The rest of the writeup and the player after The Jump]

2. The Last Game

starts at 18:50

Ugly game wasn’t that ugly unless you’re talking about Purdue’s shooting stats, which were a combination of Dickinson dominating Williams and the Boilers not having a Sasha Stefanovich to convert threes. It’s right that they went 2/18 because look how many of those were from terrible shooters. Seth likes that you can put Austin Davis out there against virtually anybody and score one for one, which eats up important minutes when you’re up by 11.

3. WBB and Hockey

starts at 43:48

Naz goes off for 50, brings Michigan back from down 16 but they lose because they’re out a Brown and the other can’t hit her threes. Nobody scored past the top four. Hockey looks good on NBC, came out on fire, can’t get a call.

4. Hot Takes and Warinner React

starts at 59:22

Seth is happy to have DeBord back. Think there’s some other shoe that dropped because no way you get rid of a guy like Ed Warinner on purpose. Offensive line coach and strength coach are coordinator-level positions.


  • “Wait"—M83
  • “Sonny’s Lament”—Orgone
  • “Selfish Dreas”—The Rural Alberta Advantage
  • “Across 110th Street”

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