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The Ace Pod 1.9: Return Rich Or Not At All

October 1, 2019

The guy who went to Alaska for eight, nine years looking for gold, he’s gonna give you your space.

You guys really came through this week with the questions, which span topics from football to hoops to music to desert island partners. Things discussed include:

  • Real improvement vs. Rutgers “improvement”
  • Importance of the Iowa game on projected wins
  • Early-season MVPs
  • Please stop trying to move Josh Metellus
  • Jane Coaston for Rutgers head coach
  • Brandon Johns or more two-guards?
  • The sustainability of Juwan Howard’s star-heavy recruiting approach
  • Desert island Michigan head coach, featuring the pioneer in the field of artificial vaginas and his successor, the Gold Rush success story
  • Twin Fantasy vs. Twin Fantasy
  • The sixth-best rapper of all time
  • Early 2000s music choices
  • Favorite non-Michigan twitter follows
  • This one, uh, goes in a few unexpected places.


“Alligator” — The Babies
“Sober to Death” — Car Seat Headrest

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