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WTKA Roundtable 10/10/2019: The Raw Dog Jim Harbaugh

October 11, 2019

Things discussed:

  • PFF loved Hutchinson but the entire DL. Against two first round OTs it was impressive.
  • The one hold on the guy with Kemp wasn't a hold but some of the stuff they let go was insaaaaane.
  • NCAA should give Kemp an extra year, right?
  • A plan for crossing routes!
  • The offense, oy. Solution to QB situation?
  • Sam: Harbaugh seeing things in practice that don't happen in the game. Ten-man football.
  • Brian: Disagree. More like Michigan's limiting stuff they can do, don't have adaptations to adaptations.
  • Borges and Brian agree: Black had to make that block to end the game.
  • Sam: Missed explosive run plays is altering our perception. Brian: Michigan not making people wrong.
  • Around the league: is PSU going to get Kinnick'd?
  • Michigan State can beat Wisconsin? Craig's down for that one.
  • Expect John O'Neill crew this week, yay. 

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