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WTKA Roundtable 10/14/2021: My Cheap Tricks and Yours

October 14, 2021

Things discussed:

  • Nebraska: They’re a good team. Great defensive line. Was this the gutsiest win by Michigan under Harbaugh? Have to give credit to Nebraska for shooting themselves in the foot.
  • Cade Talk: Sam asks when we go with McCarthy, Seth is on Team McNamara because he’s got a high floor, and maybe that’s what you need when you have a good defense and good players around you. Brian says McCarthy should be the redzone guy.
  • Offense: Playing better to their strengths. Tight ends had a great day vs not Wisconsin LBs, running backs won the game, Cade wasn’t that great but he was steady. TE leak.
  • Note user Dragonchild’s diary about how Michigan is using less split zone and associated plays. They’re a good power team. Cade is a good 5-wide guy. They can run both out of the same personnel.
  • Defense: Worried about the cornerbacks. Gray and Turner had BAAAAD pass interferences and that’s not going to work vs Ohio State.
  • Michigan State? Quarterback play and two good receivers are real—the run game might be an effect of playing very bad run defenses but respect is due. Seth: These are all just college football teams. Michigan/MSU/Iowa/Nebraska…not that much separates these teams.
  • Hockey Talk: This team can score at will on the power play, additions are great, have a lot more age than people realize. Portillo gives up too many soft rebounds but that was 1/4.
  • Jett: Big recruiting win—Howard showed he can pull a guy out of IMG *AND* make him clean his room. Versatile player, closest recent comp is Franz? Needs a left.

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