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WTKA Roundtable 10/3/2019: What Do You Do Well?

October 4, 2019

Things discussed:

  • I figured out what to do with all the shirts HTTV backers say "give to someone deserving."
  • Gave Shea some easy reads, half-field stuff that shows off his talent for throwing on the run and simplifies things.
  • Offense scaled back significantly, especially RPOs and zone reads.
  • Going to have to add some layers of complexity down the line.
  • 1 million people taking an interception in stride tells you how badly we all want Shea to unleash the dragon
  • Power/Inside Zone/Outside Zone: If you're running all of them you're not good at them. Have one you're really good at, one you're good at, and one you can surprise people with.
  • Michigan's zone is too focused on getting to the LBs not scooping and sealing the DL.
  • RBs are doing well; if Michigan can reincorporate the QB run game they're in business.
  • Cam McGrone, Cam McGrone, Cam McGrone. His good things were opponent-invariant.
  • Danna had a good game (opponent-variant), Dax Hill best athlete Michigan's had since…Charles?
  • Ross to WLB?
  • Two guys back on punt returns: response to Aussie punters.
  • Iowa: Surprised by defensive falloff, offensive success. Todd McShay Big Ten West 1st Rounder of the Year.
  • Ferentz saves up all his good decisions for this game (apparently so does Paul Chryst).
  • Around the Big Ten: MSU defense great until Penix.

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