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WTKA Roundtable 11/14/2019: If You Aren’t in Prison

November 15, 2019

Football things discussed:

  • State preview: Lewerke is less broken, they're 86th not 128th.
  • MSU played a better game than Illinois, but for a lot of Sparty Nos.
  • MSU was running Michigan's arc read—how little brother was that.
  • State's Brady Hoke Concussion Adventure: they tell the truth that they didn't give a shit if Lewerke had a concussion, then the medical staff is like waitaminute we've got to lie.
  • Bachie is a huge loss though they have more good linebackers. What they don't have are the elite secondary players.
  • This is just the cusp: recruiting has been a crater, and they're going to lose almost all of their good players.
  • KJ Hamler told the announce crew for MSU-PSU he didn't go to Michigan State because people don't come out right up there.
  • Credit to Michigan State for taking a comeuppance they've deserved for years.
  • Malik McDowell: everything people were worried about with him came true because he went to Michigan State.
  • Lloyd Carr did not like Bobby Williams.
  • Watch the Illinois game: Gotta dial up more shots.
  • The Dread: last year things felt bad even though Michigan was up a touchdown forever until the DPJ touchdown. But Michigan was still dominating that game.

Basketball things discussed:

  • App state: Zavier Simpson's worst game since he won the starting job, had a good game against Creighton.
  • Running sets that Juwan brought from the NBA. In the 2nd half the offense gets better because they're on offense by their bench and Juwan can yell at guys.
  • Pink Teske: was pretty tired out there—maybe tempo isn't going to help his style. Gave up a lot of OREBs. But Teske iced the game too.

Other things discussed:

  • Who's Alabama beaten? Brian: They'll have beaten Auburn; that's not as good as the other 1-loss teams. Oklahoma or Oregon is going to have one more win and a conference championship.
  • Buying Minnesota? Yes they can win the West. But they played even with Penn State, whom Michigan was better than on the road, so they're on our level.
  • Ed does a Brian impersonation.

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