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WTKA Roundtable 11/19/2020: Right That’s Gonna Fix It

November 19, 2020

Things discussed:

  • The Wisconsin disaster: what's wrong with the program?
  • Craig is having technical difficulties.
  • Seth: FUNDAMENTALS. Decide what your system is and play the guys who are best at it. Give yourself a floor.
  • Sam says they're thinking of a QB change, trying new things to see what sticks.
  • Joe Milton broke down. Andrew Vastardis isn't getting it done.
  • Different guy is breaking down any play. Can't fix that in a week or three. Michigan's going to be under .500 this year.
  • You can see all the decisions that got them where they are, but where do you go from here?
  • "We're the Rutgers now."
  • Brian is Head Coach for a day.
  • Recruiting: Still works? Still works. Give JJ McCarthy and Junior Colson credit. 2022 5-star defensive backfield is on the way?

Recording is here:

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