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WTKA Roundtable 11/23/2021: Linebacker

November 23, 2021

Things discussed:

  • Michigan history corrections.
  • Maryland: Michigan was looking past then, Donovan Edwards brings a new dimension.
  • McNamara performance: not like MSU because he wasn’t getting pressure, his reads were more open, and his receivers helped him out more. It was a good performance—just stop throwing it off his OL’s helmets.
  • McCarthy: Perfect game for him because UMD’s secondary falls apart, gives their running game more space, POPS. Also definitely not the starter.
  • OSU-MSU: Not surprised MSU fell apart in the secondary, surprised they couldn’t move the ball, but that happens when they lost their Heisman candidate to an ankle thing.
  • M-OSU: How do we win this one? Beat their linebackers, screw with Stroud’s reads, get pressure, and get the ball to Michigan’s playmakers. #SpeedinSpace time.
  • Nebraska/Penn State vs OSU through-lines? Both teams make life hell on linebackers!
  • We talk about OSU’s receivers, what about Michigan’s receivers?
  • Michigan is the best team Ohio State’s faced this year (yes including Oregon), and Ohio State’s been in some games this year.
  • Seth: It’s going to matter if Ojabo and Hutchinson are allowed to play football under the rules.
  • Hoops: significantly down on Houstan, who’s not a 3. Johns has no confidence. Team is shooting <28% from three so they’re not punishing you for doubling Dickinson.

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