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WTKA Roundtable 1/14/2021: Why Bring Negativity Into a Positive Environment?

January 14, 2021

Wisconsin game discussed:

  • The officiating was so good Greg Gard complained his team didn’t get called for enough fouls.
  • Wisconsin couldn’t drive with Trice. Thought they could post up Livers with Reuvers and Smith with Davison
  • Mike Smith has become a lip-curled defensive Michigan point guard in record time. Could he return?
  • Too good to be true? Sam: defense is consistent. Seth: it might be because they have so long between games.
  • Who’s the most indispensable player on this team?
  • Minnesota preview? Both Gach is not going to beat you. Who do you like in a second matchup: Juwan or Pitino?

Mike Hart/Mike McDaniels/2021 quarterback:

  • Have Hart do all the pressers. IU fans despondent.
  • Sam: helps recruiting.
  • Craig: helps the feels.
  • Seth: helps behind the scenes with program guys, HS coaches who’ve been down on the program.
  • At least we can take solace in the fact that if Najee Harris was going to bring joy to Michigan fans…
  • Possible that Milton transfers but Michigan won’t get a transfer unless they find a guy who can start immediately.

Hockey things discussed:

  • Worst 11-3 weekend ever.

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