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WTKA Roundtable 1/21/2021: Ziyah Holman’s Boyfriend

January 21, 2021

New Football Staff

  • Linguist got Rashod Bateman to go to Minnesota
  • Coherent staff with a coherent vision? Sam thinks Nua is going to get more pluggers now that Brown isn’t demanding upfield dudes for scheme.
  • What do you want from Harbaugh right now? Recruit some guys.
  • Have some opportunity to reshape the roster with transfers this year.
  • Hart could stick around for a few coaches, or be one.

2021 Basketball Recruiting

  • Watched the IMG game, Houstan is already an efficient college player. Young Glen Rice?
  • Diabate is Jaren Jackson Jr. Jett Howard is THJ.
  • Really in it for Walker.

Maryland Game:

  • Maryland came to shut down Dickinson, Michigan came to shut down Maryland, and both got what they wanted.
  • Could Mike Smith come back? Yeah. Could Brown? Eh. Could Eli? He likes school as much as Seth, so maybe.

Hockey things discussed:

  • ND series is always tough on a young team. Score first.
  • Seth thinks M always plays well against ND on the second swing.

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