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WTKA Roundtable 12/12/2019: Where Have You Gone Duncan Robinson

December 13, 2019

Things discussed:

  • Citrus Bowl matchup: how much is Alabama showing up? Full bore not feeling great.
  • Bama defense has been somewhat vulnerable this year.
  • Sam: converted to the church of offense (we are not affiliated with this church).
  • Age of offense: part of that is rules—pick plays, going downfield on RPOs make it too easy for elite defenses to pick on even the best defenses.
  • This year who has an elite shutdown defense?

Basketball things:

  • Can't be too surprised when you're 3/18 from three. Couldn't really execute their defensive gameplan.
  • Credit to Illinois: played well. Cockburn hit his first 6 free throws: c'mon!
  • Juwan flubbed the substitution pattern some: Castleton shouldn't be out there when Cockburn is.
  • Illinois on the boards: that's what they do, but 41% of their misses is too much.
  • What we do is shoot, and Franz wasn't making them. Give him time, but Johns deserves some minutes.
  • Relearn the lessons about letting bigs get under the basket on transition.
  • Michigan's blocks are going back to the opponent. Stop blocking balls back into the hands of the opponent for easy buckets.
  • Like Juwan's plan against zone—this used to fritz out Beilein
  • Craig: not blaming the refs, but also not sad it was Lewis Garrison who got clocked.
  • Oregon: learned about them in Bahamas; they almost got past Gonzaga. UNC isn't that good.

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