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WTKA Roundtable 1/2/2020: The Cat’s Wearing Pants

January 2, 2020

Football things discussed:

  • Thought it was going to be a bloodbath and it wasn't. Great script from Gattis
  • Everything relevant to next year goes well, Patterson doesn't give a quarterback a chance while Mac Jones is pinpointing bombs off his back foot.
  • Jeudy was the best player on the field, their QB played his best game and ours couldn't hit anything over 15 yards.
  • Season review: First-time coordinator stuff grew into what we more or less expected. Second half: shooting themselves in the foot, happens all the time in the Harbaugh era.
  • Great use of Giles Jackson as a quasi-RB.
  • 2020: Michigan gets most of their skill position players back pending some NFL decisions for Collins & DPJ.
  • Gotta replace three guys on OL but have Stueber, Filiaga, Hayes, Vastardis, kick the tires on Terrance Davis perhaps? Have a lot of ways to get to another good five.
  • Brian prefers McCaffery to going after KJ Costello—people in the building love Dylan, but he's got to stop taking big hits.
  • Weird that Steve Sarkisian didn't bother with crushing us with Najee Harris inside until the end. What does DT situation look like?
  • Secondary: Seldon can play, gonna see what they have in DJ Turner.
  • Brian: Next year hinges on Mazi Smith and Chris Hinton, and how good/healthy can Dwumfour be?
  • Specialty positions: "Shark" (Uche) and Viper will be interesting.

Hoops things discussed:

  • MSU: were about to lose to Seton Hall until they got some crazy nice officiating
  • Biggest difference this year is State can't shoot threes.
  • What's Nunez doing in practice that he's still ahead of Bajema?

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