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WTKA Roundtable 1/23/2019: Five for Twenty-Eight

January 23, 2020

Things discussed:

  • Shots not falling, perimeter defense? Could Livers have saved this?
  • Michigan gets a lead and then five turnovers in the next 2 minutes
  • Sam: Maybe run the offense through Teske? Cutters?
  • PSU did a good job of funneling usage to X. Michigan has three guys who aren't a threat against good defenses, which is two too many.
  • Michigan's 25% from three in renewed conference play. He makes a few of them and has gravity.
  • Lost Poole, Iggy, and Jalen Wilson from the list of guys who should be on the wing on this team. Franz's issues are ???
  • Why not give Cole Bajema a few minutes?
  • The fact that X can't shoot is a problem, but he's not the team's problem.
  • Terrifying observation: The Big Ten might have addressed the home/road officiating—nice of that to happen after Michigan's played 67% of their games so far on the road, right?
  • Free throw whistle is now 69-11. Most is style of play: X doesn't force contact. Most of the guys are jump-shooters.

New assistants things discussed:

  • Fine with Jean-Mary, Brian has a problem with a one-year rental on Shoop.
  • Sam: Michigan prioritized Campanile instead of going for the Kentucky guy Brian wanted

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