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WTKA Roundtable 12/3/2020: Stand and Cheer the Brave

December 3, 2020

Things discussed:

  • Herbstreit's conspiracy theory and Q-Anon the fanbase
  • Big Ten rules exist to make Ohio State happy.
  • Seth, a very huge and sincere Lions fan, wants Detroit to get Jim Harbaugh.
  • Michigan would probably have to start Dan Villari versus Ohio State.
  • Hoops! Turnovers are an issue. Oakland's zone frustrated them until they went to Dickinson
  • Advocating for Johns minutes over Big Country minutes. Even when Johns isn't having a good game he's getting you OREBs.
  • Starting not Dickinson does bake in a run after the first media timeout.
  • Hockey things: ND and PSU were predictable. World Juniors gutting us for the Minnesota series.

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