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WTKA Roundtable 12/5/2019: In Ann Arbor It’s Always 24-12

December 5, 2019

Football things discussed:

  • Best OSU team at least since 2014, probably ever
  • Most undisciplined game, especially by the defense, in a long time.
  • Craig calls out fans: 25,000 truck drivers invited, students late, even calls out MMB
  • You get to halftime down 12 it's over. Four key sequences: Patterson gets two called runs and doesn't cut behind his blocking for a TD, then fumbles the snap. Offsides. And two long yardage situations when they didn't cover a drag route.
  • Like the Wisconsin game because DTs can't hold up.
  • Sorta like the PSU game when PSU didn't do anything and Michigan shot themselves in the foot, except Ohio State kills you if you do that.
  • Sam: I get mistakes from Chris Hinton, but when it's Khaleke it's gotta be LBs just freaking out because they're overmatched. Haskins botched his 4th down run because pin didn't work 1st time and he cut back.
  • Brian: Justin Fields hasn't stepped on Ohio State's campus; doing nothing all day every day except football is why Ohio State wins this game; Michigan won't hit parity until they have that kind of dedication. M's DTs don't have the level of focus, OSU's players have learned how to dribble a football.
  • Heartening to see the offense come along. It's not "What are we doing?" anymore.
  • Scuttlebutt: McCaffrey can throw the ball. Sam: If Boston College calls Don Brown he'll take the call, but not sure they will.

Hoops things discussed:

  • Battle for Atlantis: WHY DON'T THEY GIVE YOU A TRIDENT? That floor is an abomination: always wet ballroom is gonna lead to injuries.
  • (Unless Juwan Howard is around) His speech at the end of the tournament established him as a mensch.
  • Credit to Ohio State's hoops team who beat an injured UNC on their floor. UNC might not be very good—they don't have their same five-stars and eyebrows guy anymore. Leaky Black is playing, Brooks just a guy at center, they're going to be .500 in the ACC this year.
  • Louisville: doesn't bother us—schedule loss since Cardinals have been prepping for Michigan all year. They were LOCKED IN for this game, especially with how they prepped for the screens. M had two days to prepare for L'ville and they had 2 months.
  • The Screens, The Screens, The Screens! UNC: Michigan runs you off so many screens there's no way to keep up. Like Michigan State: are you going to keep hedging as well if you're banging off screen after screen?
  • Won't matter for Iowa because Iowa doesn't play D. M's going to become a better post team, but that's not efficient offense.
  • X has to be better at faking passes that aren't there and going to Livers in the corner. Semi-contested threes are their money shot.
  • Ohio State the team to beat in the Big Ten? Of course: nothing goes wrong for those guys. What about Purdue—other than recruiting Matt Painter is among the best coaches in the country.

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