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WTKA Roundtable 2/20/2020: The Orc That You Hear

February 20, 2020

Things discussed:

  • Rutgers is a terrible shooting team. They needed half a dozen ludicrous shots to get to inefficient.
  • The Castleton'ing.
  • IU: hard to judge because Indiana's coaching was so bad. If there's one school that ought to be firing their coach right away and hiring John Beilein, it's Indiana.
  • Craig: Indiana game was their best of the season. IU's backcourt can't play man—whenever they tried something other than the high hedge X was killing them with they were running into each other.
  • How far up is Michigan trending: top four?
  • Brian sexy reads Jacob Young's stat line after the guy talked crap at X all night.
  • Caller: What to do with Beilein? Cleveland/Dan Gilbert have a terrible culture. The Cavs are high schoolers who rejected an adult.
  • Andre Drummond, nobody is picking up that player option.
  • Beilein walked into moronic management. What did he do at Michigan: he was careful about picking players based on their personality.
  • Dantonio versus the Photo.