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WTKA Roundtable 2/25/2021: Pay Craig His Whiskey

February 25, 2021

Things discussed:

  • Ohio State: Like playing a Beilein team except…
  • At 5:35 we finally talk about the officiating (I said 6:35 because we were on for a minute before going on air and told the guys I was setting a timer). It wasn’t a “ref show” but the block/charge calls were almost all wrong and almost all for Ohio State. The push-off was ludicrous. Please call that Hunter Dickinson player control foul on Luka Garza.
  • Michigan’s three-point shooting was very much deserved: quality looks both halves.
  • Illinois? Michigan has length to guard Ayo, Cockburn does not pass out of the post.
  • Rutgers vs Indiana: Rutgers has an identity, IU has a lot of guys who do things well but watch their teammates not do those things well.
  • Hockey: record does not reflect the quality of their play. Portillo plays the puck all the time, just happened to misplay one in the 3-2 game not the 6-0 game.

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