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WTKA Roundtable 2/4/2021: Great Kid, Don’t Get Cocky

February 5, 2021

Signing Day and the DTs

  • Rayshaun Benny: lolsparty, but even five-star DTs don’t
  • Most DTs play end in high school, Benny played mostly OT
  • Ravens front: take the 5-2 and change the names
  • Sam takes credit for seeing Alan Branch first, playing fullback in New Mexico.
  • What does this mean for Michigan State recruiting? Two highest rated recruits in their class got poached.
  • Scouting OL: the Kalis problem.

Basketball things

  • Michigan State-Iowa had ten guys playing 10 minutes or more. MSU can’t get to the rim.
  • Is Michigan going to suffer from a layoff hangover?
  • The Iowa question: can you be good if you don’t play defense?
  • Brian doesn’t get why we’re opening restaurants for sick people and shutting down health athletic teams: security theater?
  • Seth: Baylor and Gonzaga may be the best teams but Michigan’s schedule is so tough they might deserve the top one seed.

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