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WTKA Roundtable 2/6/2020: Snakebit Year

February 6, 2020

MSU things discussed:

  • Dantonio's irregularities: it sounds like he lied in his deposition (which is why Mars is getting involved?)
  • Does NCAA actually care about the alleged violations?
  • Is it a better job than Cincy? Cincy you can take to ND soon. MSU the last two recruiting classes: not so hot and total garbage. No matter who takes that job it's three and out.
  • The board of trustees hires the football coach, not the AD. Let's get some Michigan fans together and elect a board that's going to hire Brian Ellerbe!
  • Dantonio got away with it because there's no more bootlicking media in the Big Ten than MSU and OSU.

Basketball things discussed:

  • Craig: Bilas was right, it wasn't a basketball game.
  • Franz needs to shoot his way out of his slump.
  • This year's cascade of bad luck is payback for the national championship run two years ago.
  • Craig: some of the officials that used to be good have been wretched. Example: Teske is about to have a layup and they call him for 3 seconds and yeah it's a good call. Late in the game same thing with Wesson and he's in the lane for 8 seconds, same ref Carstenson staring at it. Wesson finally gets the ball, up two, the guy makes a three.
  • The call on Simpson: a call we've never seen and will never see again. Brian: pile all the bad luck into this season.
  • On Johns: are people paying attention to him now?
  • Michigan needs an infusion of athleticism badly. Zeb, Christianson, come on down. Without Livers the limitations of this roster are very apparent.
  • MSU? Without Livers they don't really have the firepower to win this game.
  • Funny how both basketball and hockey are both snakebit fundamentally sound teams missing talent.

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