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WTKA Roundtable 3/12/2020: Tom Izzo’s Basement

March 12, 2020

Things discussed:

  • COVID-19 and whether the Big Ten Tournament is canceled.
  • Hoiberg sick on the bench: where were their protocols?
  • Michigan's protocol: immediate quarantine for any player or coach.
  • The disease: America woefully unprepared, not enough tests available yet.
  • Rutgers talk: the most neutral of sites! Wisconsin has Mama Trice who is 30x more annoying.
  • Hockeytalk: Mann should be Big Ten MVP. Michigan's in a play-in game.
  • Pythagorean W-L for hockey has Michigan a massive outlier: five or more games below when other teams are at their goal differential.
  • More Rutgers talk: keep the shot volume comparable, they're not a pick and pop center three team.
  • DDJ and Eli: who's going to be the point next year?
  • Sam doesn't remember Chris Collins going down on all fours to implore his team to play defense.
  • Will WMU make a serious play ($380k is not serious; he makes $330k now) for WMU grad Saddi Washington?
  • Yak back on the market after this year?

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