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WTKA Roundtable 3/18/2021: There Are No Perfect Basketball Teams

March 18, 2021

Things discussed:

  • If MSU wants to give out their content for free they absolutely should be sponsored by a mortgage broker: just pick a good one.
  • Michigan minus Livers: we basically say what Ace is saying in the post below this one.
  • Breaking down the East: It was Michigan with Isaiah, now it’s a Michigan’s got the best <50% chance of a lot of good teams, mostly on the other side of their bracket.
  • FSU? Lost to ND and “Notre Dame is the softest team in the country.”
  • The Midwest: Tennessee is out their Mark Donnal but not having a center against Kofi is euh.
  • Oklahoma State: Kofi can body their Boones but Cade Cunningham is matchup issue for the Illini. TCU beat them twice, weirdly.
  • Villanova-Winthrop: Nova is barely a tournament team without their PG, Winthrop is a run down the court and shoot team with an offensive tackle at center. We like Nova but either team will lose to Purdue.
  • Loyola Chicago is weirdly ranked—Krutwig is Austin Davis in the MVC.
  • Baylor can shoot Purdue out of the building, that Ohio State-Baylor game will be fun because neither team plays good defense and both can shoot.
  • There was one perfect basketball team: the 2004 Pistons.
  • Gonzaga: has already beaten the 2, 3, and 4 in their region. UVA is a scary matchup because low # of possessions, but can the Cavs get to the next weekend after the long COVID layoff?
  • MSU to Round 2? Seth likes BYU, stop Aaron Henry you stop MSU.
  • Hockey: Michigan’s a snakebit team that’s as good as Minnesota, who’s a top pick so there’s a chance.

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