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WTKA Roundtable 3/4/2021: That’s Just Rational Talk

March 4, 2021

Things discussed:

  • Iowa: What did Wagner do: drove the basket, and Michigan completely disrupted Iowa’s offense: FOUR(!) assists.
  • MSU: they’re going to throw four centers at Dickinson and dare the refs to foul out the whole team. Credit to Tom Izzo for knowing his team can’t win if they play basketball.
  • State’s gotten some thruck from its opponents as well.
  • The Rocket Watts talk.
  • Did Illinois expose something? Seth: if you can single Hunter Dickinson and deny the middle Michigan can’t get into their offense, but who else can single Hunter and out-athlete Michigan outside?
  • Keep MSU out of the tournament!
  • Hockey: snakebit. Hit ALL the posts.
  • Football: the Quarterback Situation, been watching film on Allen Bowman and Seth likey, Sam notes he’s been injured. Allen likes to release the dragon, going to be interesting when he sees Michigan’s fast receivers get a step because he loves to chuck it downfield at the least prevarication. Comp: Alex “ol’ Tight Windows” Hornibrook.

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