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WTKA Roundtable 4/11/2019: Mindset Matters

April 12, 2019

Things discussed:

  • Chalky tournament ends on chalk, with a lot of UVA luck—how do you allow a three at that moment?
  • Ty Jerome or Jarret Culver?
  • Remedies for the dumb review rule
  • Craig calls Ed "Tom Izzo" for being contrarian about that rule
  • Other rule changes: when is the last time they called a three-second violation?
  • Don in Ann Arbor: development vs. NBA?
  • Iggy—would his draft stock improve if he stuck around? When talking about second rounders or late first round, NBA teams feel like they can develop players the younger they are.
  • Charles: not invited to the combine last year, but there's no reason to come back unless he wants to get a Master's.
  • Iggy: Should have come in a year earlier. All the fan arguments come down to we don't want them to leave.
  • Poole: Guys want to get paid for their development, focus on basketball. Poole is taking a step-back three with his career.
  • Tempering expectations on the freshmen—nobody 's going to be as close to a finished product as Iggy was.
  • How do you finish out the class: Franz Wagner is still an option, would be the equivalent of a five-star, getting straight-up lied to by his Euro team.
  • Sam: Wagner has a very high basketball IQ.