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WTKA Roundtable 4/15/2021: They’re All Champions

April 15, 2021

Things discussed:

  • Eli’s return and how it affects the rotation.
  • Portal guys we might be looking at? Options have to be a cultural fit and be interested in a smaller role because unless it’s a star there isn’t 35 minutes to give away.
  • Take a Chaundee if there is one but you can roll with what you’ve got. You’ve got 80 minutes at guard, 30 goes to Eli, which leaves you 50 to get out of Collins, Bufkin, Zeb, and maybe Barnes, or find a transfer.
  • Sam: They might wait to see who doesn’t make it in the NBA. Brian: bench shooter.
  • Maryland got their center and guard: are they good?
  • Change at recruiting coordinator: Dudek to MissSt, Michigan gets Courtney Morgan. “Dudek certainly has a type and it’s weird as f—.”
  • Courtney Morgan: great dude, gotta grab him if you can. Seth says Morgan’s like Hart/Bellamy in that he can survive a coaching change at the top.
  • Strategy: load on on recruiting because the future’s going to be whatever comes after a rough year.
  • Xavier Worthy: best friends on the team were Joe Milton and Giles Jackson, who aren’t saying great things about Michigan right now.

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