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WTKA Roundtable 4/18/2019: It’s Sinking In

April 18, 2019

Things discussed:

  • Frank Sinatra still owes Craig a check.
  • Gattis really is in charge of the offense. Reminds Brian of Scott Frost's UCF offense in 2016.
  • Defensive starters performed how they were described, but backup receivers were toasting the secondary's non-stars, plus Metellus
  • Harbaugh was direct about Dax Hill: he's going to play early.
  • Kelly-Powell wants to play corner.
  • Brian: Michigan needs that—the way they played their safeties forces the MLB to stay in coverage, takes away their best blitzes.
  • DL: need to find pass rush. Hoping Danna can transition his production to Big Ten level.
  • Right tackle battle: Stueber is consistent, Mayfield has flashes of stardom, slight edge to the elder but Michigan's going to be good either way.
  • Can't remember the last time we were okay with backup OL coming on the field.
  • Poole/Iggy: G-League vs. College—NCAA is a bigger stage, G-League you can focus on your development.
  • Brazdeikis could maybe come back; Poole made it clear he's not going to under any circumstance.
  • Franz: timing works out because we'll know about Iggy.
  • BONES: Kind of a PG, kind of a MAAR, kinda the #1 target now.
  • Also looking at Justin Pierce, the grad transfer.