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WTKA Roundtable 4/22/2021: The Ingrained Provenance of Football

April 22, 2021

Things discussed:

  • Gymnastics Natty!
  • BTN Plus is awful. They are making it impossible to grow their fanbases because you have to be hardcore to be there. Production is the pits.
  • Was Michigan right to quash their spring and keep the spring game to a minute of useless tape?
  • Big discussion about how the program is killing any goodwill that’s left, only letting the haters air their grievances.
  • The 20- and 30-somethings aren’t as tied to Michigan anymore because they haven’t been engaged. They’re Dave Brandon’ing.
  • Basketball: did the opposite. Craig tells the story of Beilein walking the media through a practice.
  • How did Al Borges benefit from inviting Heiko in?

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