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WTKA Roundtable 4/26/2019: Don’t Eat Basketball Recruits

April 26, 2019

Things discussed:

  • In Soviet Russia Poole Pays You
  • Excess possessions created (the Mitch McGary stat)
  • German expressions: Shoot the glass
  • Poole: No need to burn bridges on your way out, man. Just say you want to go, because when your three point percentage since January is the same as Teske’s you can’t complain about Teske’s three point percentage ruining your spacing.
  • Difficult to respond to this because so many awful fans are dogging him.
  • Craig tells a Hee Haw joke.
  • Crootin the next guys: Pierce, Bones, and John Beilein is in Germany.
  • Pearce: visiting UNC now; Tar Heels think he’s a backup at the 3 and 4. Michigan feels like they moved past Notre Dame last weekend.
  • Wagner: his team’s recent playoff loss might have hurt his competition level next year.
  • Iggy: Door is open a sight crack based on how the draft goes. Lines up with Franz’s timeline.
  • Michigan’s got two spots right now—Brooks isn’t leaving if he’s the starter at the two.
  • Lester Quinones or Nah'shon "Bones" Hyland? Michigan’s going after guys who they think can play. Michigan thinks Hyland’s a better fit than Quinones, who’s a better player perhaps but also seems to be interested in bag. Hyland is a seriously tough guy.
  • NFL Draft: Winovich one of the lowest downside guys of the draft, not just a try-hard. Guessed the Lions would take their tight end, even if Oliver is around.
  • We can’t fathom how Daniel Jones is a 1st rounder. Kyler Murray?
  • Devin Bush > Jarrod Davis > Devin White