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WTKA Roundtable 4/4/2019: Ask Me How I Know That

April 4, 2019

Things discussed:

  • The Final Four: Virginia is the best team left and the luckiest. Texas Tech looks like the team says Brian/Sam. Auburn's playing hot enough that they belong with the others.
  • Carsen Edwards has gotta go to the NBA.
  • Worst coaching job by Coach K of his career.
  • Best coaching job by Izzo of his career, also the most fortuitous injury situation ever: They're better without Ward and Langford. Langford: good at bad shots guy, not better than McQuaid or Henry. Ward just can't be played right now even though he's a good player. Kithier had to play more minutes against Michigan. That wasn't a choice—that was what you've got to do in a modern game. Ward should transfer—or go get paid? Tillman should GO.
  • Duke had three losses with Zion Williamson, and RJ Barrett took 9 shots and made one of them, Williamson took one! Duke's not a great three team either.
  • Painter made the right call fouling up three: Virginia has 50% three-point shooters so put them on the line!
  • Sam: He meant to hit that basket.
  • Texas Tech vs MSU: Still think TTU
  • Michigan next year: Project of the summer is teaching Teske to post so we can beat these switches sometimes. Teske's never going to be a spot-up three shooter like Wagner—maybe get that from some of this year's freshman, or another Wagner?