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WTKA Roundtable 5/16/2019: Oats or Howard

May 16, 2019

Things discussed:

  • Beilein, The Myth: He didn't get the early NBA guys but he's incredible at talent evaluation.
  • Other than one-and-done factories nobody has put more guys in the league. Hardaway, Burke, Caris…
  • What's "Proving It" at Cleveland? Getting run in the 1st round as an 8th seed. Cleveland has the #5 pick and crap.
  • Beilein's reasoning: he's 66, coming off heart surgery, working harder than he ever has to in the season
  • Our picks: Craig says there's some Billy Donovan stories out there.
  • Bagging and breaking the rules: Beilein was literally the only guy following the verbal offer rule.
  • Donovan: The talk in coaching circles is Donovan cheated to get established then stopped doing it because he was there. Before/after Anthony Grant.
  • Craig: Plenty of guys who were assistants to head coaches: Frieder, Fisher, Izzo, Orr, etc.
  • Sam: If you're going after Nate Oats, you have to offer him the job. He ain't interviewing. "You can call him. You can get Nate."
  • Nate's not going to be on a board. Brian: "That means he's smart. I like that."
  • Juwan Howard? Got a nephew who's a five-star. Can recruit, is going to be a head coach soon.
  • Michigan: Juwan would be the exception to no-assistants rule. Gotta outbid the Cavs to keep Yaklich, give him some long-term security.
  • Craig's list: Oats, Howard, Yak