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WTKA Roundtable 5/9/2019: Maybe It Smells Good

May 10, 2019

Note: I did my best to remove the buzzing. –seth

Things discussed:

  • The South Africa trip: given the structure we're in, it's a good thing Michigan is doing, for the players and for Michigan.
  • Roster review: Not appreciating Nico Collins enough.
  • Defensive tackle definitely the biggest concern. Think Dax can handle Rover.
  • Indiana and Ohio State abused Michigan's third corner and that was true. Now with two fewer corners everyone's going to be going after us there.
  • College basketball trial: A couple of more convictions. Dawkins is contending they weren't bribing AAU coaches because you want to pay the players.
  • Craig Ross recalls the Jai Eugene recruitment: told Fred Jackson they were gonna take care of his baby, mom got a house, dad got out of jail…Jackson says "Okay kid, go to LSU."
  • Coaches know but don't tell. Lloyd knew, Bo knew—you don't talk because it will just hurt your program. Remember the top-100 guy who was crying because if he couldn't sign with Bama he would be out life-changing money.
  • Dawkins types offer to "help" with the recruitment of kids in return for coach steering kid to agent.
  • Easiest fix: give them image rights and let them sign with NCAA-approved agents.
  • NCAA has on multiple occasions (Crawford/McGary) has taken away a kid's education for no reason.
  • Franz Wagner: assume Michigan lands him, what is he? A 6'7" version of Poole. Sam says he makes plays for others too.