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WTKA Roundtable 6/24/2021: I Have a Big Bat, Give Me a Piñata

June 24, 2021

Things discussed:

  • Dug takes: Michigan wants a long-term guy at point guard—setting up to have a lot of experience.
  • Wish we had some stats on his free throw shooting because a key for him is can he make shots off the dribble. He can definitely get them—quickest guy in his class.
  • Bufkin: could he be the best player in the class? Depends when he blows up and how much we get out of Frankie.
  • Recent football commits: Crowell put his stamp on Aaron Alexander
  • CJ Stokes: Mike Hart has a type—big question is why did South Carolina’s new staff not re-offer? There’s a reason he’s a 3-star and Corum was a top-100 guy but similar games.
  • Seth once “raced” David Underwood—I actually stretched the truth here. I umpired softball in the summers, and David was I think the captain or the organizer of one of the two teams of football guys. When the other team didn’t show vs the football guys once, I gave them the field, and they were screwing around hitting flies to the outfield. I jumped in as well, and got there first to a ball in the alley between us, and they gave Underwood shit for having less range than the ump.
  • Owen Power: the #1 pick in the draft returning? Buffalo can get an extra UFA year and they’re not going to be competitive this year anyway. If he wants to be in the NHL next year he will be. NHL isn’t allowed to put guys in the AHL again so they can use college for that instead now.
  • NIL: Court’s decision is a sign the NCAA doesn’t want to get before them again. We’ve reached the tipping point now where the schools that made it their mission to keep payments in the black market are jumping to make the most friendly NIL bill as soon as possible so they don’t miss out on recruits.
  • We should never forget Gene Smith was the #1 guy trying to stop this from happening. Will there ever be a reckoning for Ohio State being THE school defending the old racket? Will LSU ever get in trouble? Well not if Mark Emmert’s brother in law is in charge there.
  • Bagmen won’t go away but they’re not going to compete with Nike, and where does Nike want a player to go? Michigan (Oregon).
  • Can we get MJ on the line with Walter Nolen?
  • How can they differentiate between commerce and paying players? They can’t; stop trying.
  • $50,000 to wear an MGoBlog hat once for five minutes. MGoBlog will sponsor any fullback at Michigan.

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