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WTKA Roundtable 7/7/2022: The Marquess of Queensberry

July 7, 2022

Things discussed:

  • On early: Michigan's no pay for play approach is hurting them in recruiting, and they don't need to friggin' say it!
  • Seth: Michigan is fundamentally wrong: It's not like these guys haven't been working on football their whole lives. They are valuable because they *make* themselves valuable.
  • USC/UCLA expansion: There's no honor among these thieves.
  • Further expansion? UNC/Duke? Washington-Oregon won't pull their weight, weirdly. ND is the obvious choice, and has always been.
  • The power brokers are the networks. Fox and Disney are running the shows.
  • Grant of Rights protects the ACC: If someone leaves they can't bring their value together.
  • Realpolitik changes who's valuable. Weird that SEC doesn't seem to want Clemson or FSU or Miami as much as Duke/UNC.
  • Baseball's new coach: Was good at IU, probably didn't play well with Baseball Parents. Michigan baseball players are kind of the opposite extreme of the kind of players you have to get at ASU. They'll lose the top of the recruiting class, but MLB is the bigger danger for a lot of those guys. What they need is a guy who can develop pitching, because nobody does that.
  • Yo Yo! Youssef Khayat might get them that extra defense but probably can't be an impact guy right away. They need guards.

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