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WTKA Roundtable 8/19/2021: Big Red Pilled

August 19, 2021

Things discussed:

  • Northwestern lost their starting RB: Meh, they were on their downswing anyway. Their QB situation is way more alarming than their RB situation.
  • Big Ten West: Wisconsin’s or Iowa’s, Graham Mertz was great against Illinois but just okay against the rest. He’s not a world-beater. They’re still going to Wisconsin though.
  • Nebraska investigation. The S&C guy ran illicit practices and their analysts were coaches. THIS IS TRUE ABOUT EVERY POWER 5 SCHOOL. They buried the lede: Frost told the S&C coach to hide it from the administrators to practice during COVID.
  • Seth: Every program is using their analysts as coaches. Alabama started it, Ohio State was doing it, the NCAA had a moment to do something and did not. Not going to hold Nebraska’s feet to the fire for doing what Rich Rod did. They ARE guilty of cheating around COVID, which endangered the rest of the Big Ten, and not just their seasons.
  • There’s a difference between ignoring bad rules that everyone ignores, and ignoring COVID protocols to get an edge.
  • When you cheat you’re not supposed to have the head coach leave a record of saying “Let’s go cheat.”
  • Need to hammer this: Nebraska should be in trouble for breaking COVID, not for breaking NCAA rules that everyone breaks.
  • Nebraska was so immature about this, and still think they’re the ones who “Saved Big Ten Football” last year. They tried to get an edge by putting everyone else in danger.
  • Seth: It’s really hard for people to see a black market, because nobody who covers these teams wants to report their teams and sound like sour grapes if they turn in another team. So people don’t understand the nuances because we don’t inform them ahead of time.
  • NCAA Future: The Big Ten-ACC-Pac12 have different needs than the rest of the NCAA. Could they split off? Only the NCAA Basketball Tournament to worry about.
  • SEC’s problem: They made enemies of their coalition of the corrupt.
  • Fall practice: Barrett losing out to Hill-Green? Good for NHG; Barrett’s game was not linebacker.
  • OL: They’re saying nice things about Filiaga because he’s in the process of losing his job to Keegan, and people don’t understand these things are subtle.
  • Not subtle: the players like Sherrone Moore way more than Ed Warinner.

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