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WTKA Roundtable 9/12/2019: LloydBall

September 13, 2019

Things discussed:

  • Shea's keeps: Mentioned Neck Sharpies—you still have to test that shuffled end sometimes anyway
  • If you have a spread offense and the other team can shut off your keep game, you've failed.
  • Borges problems again: not punishing teams that are soft on the edge.
  • The CB blitzes were RPS-3's because they were crushing the Arc Read Zone
  • Frustrating because McCaffrey comes in for three plays and they're all bad reads.
  • Nico doesn't have one jump ball situation. Throw it to covered Nico!
  • Shea's seeing ghosts.
  • Michigan fumbled on three of its four possessions, Ronnie Bell gave up 100 yards of field position on punts.
  • The RB rotation is irrelevant.
  • One great call: the wheel route. Lost the screen game—surprised that wasn't more part of the gameplan.
  • Smoke route? You cannot let teams play 10 yards off your receivers.
  • Spath's source: His analysis is off but the source is good. When you have an RPO, you don't get to do decide if you're running or passing.
  • The second 4th and 2: disagree whether following the blockers would work.
  • Caller: Army's offense isn't applicable to the rest of the season/they're not going to run that 3-3-5 again.
  • Army's defense has a lot of blitzes—Michigan got got by a blitz once, picked up that blitz later.
  • Have to be worried when Rice plays better than you on offense.
  • Is it fixable?

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