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WTKA Roundtable 9/26/2019: Hope Is Stupid

September 27, 2019

I don't want to talk about what can make this team better because I don't want to have hope.

Things discussed:

  • Give Wisconsin their due.
  • What the hell does Michigan want to be on offense? They threw out the game plan, lighting all that practicem time on fire, because in four possessions they were already down 21-0.
  • Now they say they want to run, and run the quarterback, but they're not doing that. They still dismiss punting it up to their star receivers, which is the thing that works.
  • Where's the speed in space? One play with Christian Turner?
  • First sign that someone was wrong with Gattis: he had nothing he could do with Ben Mason.
  • Offensive line regressing. Shea majorly regressing. Same problems as last year plus all these new ones.
  • If Shea's never going to find a guy on the other side of the field, is that really there? Golf course or awesome in practice?
  • "Physical" means running the football.
  • Michigan's the most disappointing team in the country.
  • You just saw a team get worse in every aspect in football. Sure there's more real estate left in this season.
  • They panicked, and three games in they're paying for that panic.
  • Sam: We've seen these guys play better, so there's hope. Brian: Let me tell you about the Black Pit of Negative Expectations.
  • Who thought Jordan Glasgow as a defensive tackle? If he was in the A gap maybe you can rationalize that?
  • Michigan's defenders are following fullback traps despite this being something Wisconsin does all the time.
  • Putting guys in uncomfortable positions: vets should be able to handle these things.
  • Hope? 8-4 feels like an okay season right now. Irrationally hoping it's 1998.
  • Caller: an entire generation of quarterbacks has been beaten up. Palpable lack of grit. Have the players lost faith in this program? Response when shots were taken at the quarterbacks was offensive.

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